5 Best Electric Ukuleles Review in 2021

5 Best Electric Ukuleles Review in 2021

The popularity of humble electric ukuleles has skyrocketed in recent times, paving the way for an abundance of amplified models, which we are going to explore today while reviewing the top 5 best electric ukuleles. The small size of a ukulele makes it a more suitable choice for the benefits that trump a typical travel guitar.


1. Epiphone Les Paul

We open our review to an iconic Les Paul Cherry Burst dress by masquerading in this semi-acoustic ukulele. This solid body mahogany ukulele has the outline of the body of the early Epiphany guitar that first gave Gibson a run for their money.

5 Best Electric Ukuleles Review in 2021

It has a 15 “scale length Electric Ukuleles, it has a triple-A grade flame maple top, which is a good tonewood and the hardware is a top-quality 14: 1 nickel machine head.

It features an under-saddle piezo pick-up which provides a more authentic presentation of the instrument’s natural acoustics, amplifying but staying true to the sound. Pickup takes the sound to an all-metal ¼” output.


  • Solid-body.
  • Piezo pick-up.
  • Les Paul’s body.
  • 15 “scale.


2. EleUke Bluetooth Connectable

Now the little peanut EleUke has been chosen for our review for something a little different because it’s a unique take on a ukulele, it’s an ultra-thin, soprano-sized model, which is definitely smarter than anything else.

5 Best Electric Ukuleles Review in 2021

Thanks to its recent upgrade it now has modern Bluetooth capability which takes it to another area in terms of your practice routines. You can play wireless tracks from your Smartphone and listen to music through headphones and even practice silently which is always a bonus if you have a forgiving neighbor.

Its ultra-compact nature and rechargeable battery make it the perfect travel companion.


  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Bluetooth capability.
  • Soprano sized/Peanut shape.


3. Fender Rincon Electric Ukuleles

Time for a top tenor Electric Ukuleles from the people in Fender. It serves some impressive sound for an Electric Ukuleles thanks to its onboard Fishman kula pre-amp.

5 Best Electric Ukuleles Review in 2021

The electrical nature has been concealed by leaning towards the most natural design elements possible. For higher resonance, it has a layered ovangkol body at the top with a solid ovangkol soundboard.

It is equipped with a 2×2 head-stock vintage-style closed-back tuning machine and is equipped with a no-tie bridge, a bone nut and saddle, and an eye-catching abalone rosette.

It has a 17 “scale length, 1.5 mm frets with 19 roomy, and is ideal for large hands.


Tenor option.

Rumier’s fingerboard.

Solid top.


4. Cordoba 20TM-CE

While we, the big fans of Cordoba acoustic guitars, fascinate even their entry-level models, it is not surprising that their acoustic-electric tenor ukuleles are a winning instrument with extraordinary tone and classical beautiful appearance. It is entirely handmade and carries an exotic style with its traditional thematic Portuguese decoration and charm.

5 Best Electric Ukuleles Review in 2021

It benefits from a stiff pinnacle and all the wood on the body is mahogany, bridge and fingerboard rose. It is tenor in size and carries a small portion for access to this extra freight. It features a brand of its own built-in the House 2 band EQ Cordoba pick-up and has a glorious depth of sound.

Tuning machines come in gold and pearl it comes with a gig bag and it is one of their best selling stage-ready eucalyptus


Solid top.

Built-in 2 band EQ.

Tenor size.


5. SG Style Electric Ukuleles

We’re ending our review section with our lowest priced Solid Body Electric uke option, which sits just above the 100 dollar mark. It has an SG-styled body and comes in a variety of colors it is a deep cherry red.

5 Best Electric Ukuleles Review in 2021

It is a soprano in terms of size and scale; it makes a heavy but fantastic performance instrument.

It features 2 passive pickups with volume control 2 for tone adjustment and it resonates naturally as it consists of mahogany everywhere except the rosewood fingerboard.

It again has a soprano-sized gig-bag with 4 Italian Aquila nylon strings at a comfortable and affordable price.


  • Soprano option.
  • Solid-body electric.
  • Affordable price.





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