Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

5 Ideas For Left Handed Acoustic Guitars

Hello there, today we are going to discuss left-handed acoustic guitars. Today we’re going to do something a little different but little fun. Now I’m a left-handed guitar player surprise if you didn’t know I’m all day I want to give a couple tips from years of experience. Being a leftyyeah two other young left-handed guitar players maybe I can be of some help maybe not I don’t know but let’s do this. Let’s have some fun tip number one should I play guitar left-handed now this question is I guess like hotly.

1.Fender Redondo player left-handed acoustic guitars

left handed acoustic guitars


Fender Redondo player left-handed, it’s difficult to learn to play a guitar right out of the gate. It’s hard to do you got to grow calluses and it’s painful it hurts. It’s uncomfortable to do. So when you’re starting even if you’re left-handed you can learn to play guitar right-handed and its notional be more difficult one way or the other the difference is Comfort. Now I play it left-handed because my pencil hand that I write with is used to this motion. Which is really good for picking and then I could teach my other hand to-do? You know other stuff with my other fingers. If you’re left-handed, you’re kind of already set in that way for having that picking motion down, but you can teach yourself to go the other waif. You want more guitar options then definitely pick to play right-handed put yourself through the struggle of being uncomfortable. Because it’s going to be uncomfortable and painful no matter what you want to be a little different and go left-handed.

2.Fender Stratocaster Left Handed


left handed acoustic guitars

Fender Stratocaster Left-Handed, It’s just about what’s most comfortable to you and just do what you feel honestly tip number two and this is related to the first tip is learning to play upside down. Now, this is going to sound crazy but, if you choose to go left-handed you should teach yourself how to play a right-handed guitar flip the other way around. It sounds difficult sounds nuts but it turns out. That it’s just the same thing upside down just basic power chords and stuff like that for an example though. when I was in high school my high school band terrible band but there was a show that we all ended up at we just wanted to goose it and all the members were there and they needed somebody to kill time one of the bands didn’t show or they we are late and, someone asked hey can you guys play a couple of songs. Well, I didn’t have an instrument with me at the time but, I was playing bass and I taught myself to play upside down from hanging out with right-handed plays much.

3. Left Handed Black Guitar Schechter

left handed acoustic guitars


So I was able to borrow base adjust to playing left-handed guitar. It was cool it was dumb whatever in the grand scheme. It doesn’t matter but that’s an example of learning to play upside down working for you tip number three playing shows. This is the biggest tip in the world. If you break astringe the likelihood that there’s another left-handed guitar player out there that can loan you a guitar is pretty slim and you’ll know. If there’s another left-handed guitar player there because you’ll know the other entire left-handed guitar players it’s just like how it works. You need to have two guitars with you and this kind of goes to every guitar player. You should always have two guitars when you play a show but specifically for left-handed people always have two guitars at a show. Because if you break a string you’re in trouble oh you’re in big trouble and you want to get out of trouble and put on good show two guitars tip three two guitars tip number four.

4. Fender Player Stratocaster Left Handed


This is not so much a tip it’s more what my options are as a left-handed player. Now you’ve got a couple of choices you can either get a cheap guitar and ma the heck out of it and we’ll talk about that in a minute or you can spend a lot of money getting an inexpensive guitar that’s custom-made. There aren’t a lot of options in between there’s one or two and honestly. You’re not going to have the world. If you choose to be a left-handed acoustic guitars guitar player I don’t have the world. I don’t have a ton of guitars there’s not a lot of options there aren’t a crazy amount of middle-range guitars. You kind of got your entry levels one or two mid-range guitars that don’t give you a lot of options and then you’ve got your crazy expensive ones for example there’s this jazz master. This fender the squire jazz master that I absolutely adore its cool colors the shape is amazing. It’s a cheap guitar but they don’t make any jazz masters for lefties. So here I am eating for someday and fender to make a lefty jazz master but another option is you can build a guitar from scratch there are websites like warmouth or if you can find a clothier who’s willing to build you the parts you can get all the parts together building yourself. There are kit websites where you can order kit and put. It together but again your options are limited and in a lot of cases these are going to be expensive options which brings me to my big drum roll please .

5. D Angelico Guitars Left Handed

left handed acoustic guitars


Final point tip number five Maude your left-handed guitars my favorite thing my favorite thing in the world to do is mod guitars and, that’s what I’ve been doing my entire guitar playing career. You get cheap guitar and then you make it a better guitar. Because at the end of the day it’s just a piece of wood for example this right here this is my workhorse guitar. This is an Epiphany Les Paul that bought probably nine years ago and I’ve been using it for a long time but everything you see on this guitar is none of its stock. I replaced everything different pickups you know different bridge locking tuners. I made it work formed and I absolutely just love playing this guitar. It’s super nice and that’s what I’ve done with all of my guitars. I’ve muddied the hell out of them so that they work for me. Now if you’re choosing to go left-handed acoustic guitar you’ve got a couple more options for there’s this cool Fender Hellcat which is a Tim Armstrong mode land. It’s great I absolutely adore this thing so handed acoustic guitars you got more options and you don’t need as many options for an acoustic guitar and that’s it really those are my 5 big tips for being a left-handed guitar player Ideally hope that this kind of stuff helps out maybe it’s useful maybe it’s not. If you have any other questions or if you think that you know way better than me about left-handed gets hard which you probably do maybe you know. If we get some more interesting stuff but I’ll see you guys on the other side if you’re a lefty stay lefty it’s hard work but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way I’m Andy negative by e-young left-handed some tips for some young some tips for young handed guitar players some tips for other young  .


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