Takamine GD-30CE 12 String

Takamine GD-30CE 12-String Acoustic Electric Guitar

Acoustic Electric Guitar:

Takamine GD30CE-12NAT. There are many 12 string Acoustic Electric guitars that sound great and expensive, a market bracket full of great 12 string guitars that are so much more affordable and yet sound so good. The Takamine GD30CE-12NAT resides in this bracket. This is really really easy to play. This one comes only for a price of 549.99 dollars.


Takamine GD-30CE 12 String


Excellent good sound


Outstanding tonal flexibility





Like most electric-acoustic guitars, it’s a twenty-five & a half-inch scale length from the two saddles, and this  guitar features a rosewood fingerboard. It is a solid Sitka spruce top. And then the back and sides are laminated mahogany. It also has a satin finish mahogany neck which is super important to me. I’m not really into very painted or glossy necks when my hands wet they start to get sticky on the back so I really appreciate it when they do a matte or satin-type finish on the back of these. In addition to that, you have some cool binding and purling including some mother-of-pearl around the rosette here. There are some other Pearl fret indication markers as well. You’ll also see their new logo it. It used to say G-series underneath there. I thought it looked a little tacky. I think this looks really sharp. Other than that you’ve got their 3 bands EQ preamp that is directly from TAKAMINE and like most modern electric Acoustic Electric Guitar this has a built-in tuner so when I engage the tuner and also meets the output to the front of house and that’s super important, especially if you’re playing directly as most of us do in a band or worship setting.





At first, this is going to sound a little mid-range heavy or nasally. But I’ll explain why that can be important. In a solo setting that can be very nasally mid-range heavy. I will say that if you were accompanying a full Acoustic Electric Guitar band and there was distortion present or something with a lot of harmonic contents like B3 organ that mid-range is actually going to translate to something that’s much more percussive and forward sitting in the max. So I can easily see myself playing with this guitar set completely flat with the pick trying to cut through heavy guitars or like a Leslie organ something like that.


Acoustic Electric Guitar



The great thing about having a 3-band EQ on the instrument is if you’re having feedback problems you can do that from the instrument at its source. It also means if you’re going straight to a DI for instance at a church and you don’t have control over your sound in any other way you can shape that from here.



What the Takamine GD30CE-12NAT does for all of us is introduce a cheap offer with a great sound. Anyone deserves the right to play an instrument, especially one as beautiful and unique as a 12 string. I definitely recommend this to every 12 string beginner and professional alike. Great Acoustic Electric Guitar.


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