Alesis Strike Pro

Alesis Strike Pro Review 2021

Alesis Strike Pro

Alesis Strike Pro


The Alesis Strike Pro is the overhauled 11-piece release of its exceptionally mainstream Alesis Strike forebear drum pack which incorporates an extra double zone tom cushion just as 3 extra double zone crash cymbals all with gag usefulness.


Its stylish characteristics are really displayed on a customary acoustic drum-pack; from its natural design, directly down to the incorporation of certifiable wood shells and false equipment.

Numerous cutting-edge electric packs can be extremely moderate with exceptionally clinical-looking drum cushion circles suspended unnaturally. Sure this gives them an advantageous impression however they will in general give a less practical encounter and can give less adaptability as a result of the more modest components of their cushions.

The Alesis Strike Pro advantages from a smaller height like numerous other electric drum-pack models however it harbors electronic heads far bigger in width than we see overall. This gives drummers a bigger surface region to play with and a little edge over their rivals.

The cymbals are publicized as ‘astoundingly practical’ however there has been a great deal of blended criticism all things considered. This is particularly obvious concerning the hello there cap which many have found risky.

We think they look like it with their pounded appearance however that a hey cap substitution could well be on the cards. They have a lot of ricochets which gives them a characteristic vibe in direct correlation with a genuine cymbal. Note that in the size division by and by they trump various present-day electronic units with their bigger chime surface regions.


Alesis Strike Pro Key Features

Alesis Strike Pro

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Huge breadth bands with veritable wood shells including; 14″ double zone catch drum cushion, 8″ double zone tom cushion, 10″ double zone tom pad,2″ double zone tom cushion, 14″ double zone tom cushion.

It additionally has a 14″ bass drum, a hey cap one 16″ crash cymbal, and 3 fun accident cymbals with pounded, huge ringer surface regions to play with.

It accompanies a superior 4-post chrome rack, alongside all mounting equipment, stands, power supply, and valuable adornments, like every one of them a significant pair of drumsticks.

Its best element is the Alesis Strike Pro Performance Module that runs the pack and harbors more than 100 new drum-unit sounds which were made misleadingly from more than 1600 multi-examined instruments ideal for a wide assortment of classes. It accompanies restrictive programming that offers admittance to basically limitless example sounds.

It has a shading LED screen to help outwardly help its simple access settings and changes it additionally includes an SD card peruser for capacity just as USB and MIDI connectors for DAW recording.



+ Genuine wood shells.
+ More minimized than a customary acoustic drum unit.
+ Fantastic locally available examining offices and an incredible free programming proofreader.
+ USB/MIDI yield for virtual instrument control.


– Disappointing high-cap.
– Not the most precise reaction.


Who Is It Suitable For?

We would say this specific electric drum (Alesis Strike Pro) unit is presumably most appropriate to an amateur as the drum-cushion reaction can take a little becoming accustomed to, there is a speedier and more delicate pack out there that would be more unspoiled for a prepared drummer.

It makes for an ideal junior drum unit as its more modest size makes it simpler for more youthful drummers to explore. In case you are worried that an 11-piece unit might be excessively muddled for nearly nothing

It is an ideal answer for a youngster who is asking for an acoustic pack as its electronic nature takes into account it to be observed by means of earphones while it plays on quiet, so guardians and neighbors don’t need to be exposed to their whipping.


Why We Like Alesis Strike Pro

Its preset library is exceptionally broad and offers a scope of tested sounds with special tones to make intriguing, unique rhythms for an assortment of melodic classifications. The installed inspecting and free programming proofreader empower clients to make custom packs through virtual instruments and really help the 110 units into basically boundless domains.


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