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The Major scale guitar 5 Essential guide

Major scale guitar

Whenever you’ve figured out how to play some Major scale guitar, you might need to make things one stride further. There are sure melodic ideas that will assist you with bettering handle the guitar fretboard all in all versus learning…

Easy 4 ways to Play an f# (f sharp) chord

F# (f sharp) chord

The F# (f sharp) chord is an extremely normal guitar chord that you will see utilized in numerous tunes. F# (f sharp) chord is an incredible chord to learn and have secured in your guitar chord munitions stockpile. Here is…

5 Different way to Play Em guitar chord

Em guitar Chord

The Em guitar chord is one of the principal well-known chords across numerous different classes. The open Em Guitar chord is one of the essential chords most guitarists learn. In contrast to other fundamental open chords, the Em guitar chord…

how to Play simple F#m Chord for novice 2021

F#m Chord

The F#m chord pits a way of gloom and resentment against the urge to fight those negative feelings. This quarreling tonality makes it one among the foremost passionate-sounding chords to play. The F#m chord may pack enough emotional punch to…