Behringer Neutron

Behringer Neutron Semi Modular Analog Synth 2021

Behringer Neutron

Behringer Neutron

We have been reasonably intrigued by the scope of synths coming out from Behringer of late and the Neutron is no special case. It is a semi-particular synth however we figure the variety served up by its locally available controls puts it comparable to a completely measured simple synth. (Behringer Neutron)

It is extraordinarily constructed, thin, and low profile despite not being the most minimized alternative accessible. Given that it is a euro-rack configuration like many new models available it will basically be viable with most of the racks and gear you need to connect, it estimates 80HP.

Completely simple, with some famous innovation held onto the inside, it gives you every one of the instruments of a true synthesizer. The Analog signs are smoother and move better because of the regular ease of the simple waveform.

Similarly, an advanced sign is somewhat more unsteady, as it is created from limited numbers consecutively. Regardless of how finely modified, there will consistently be steps because the focuses between numbers are actually limitless truly.

The Behringer Neutron synth has a basic design, that gives 36 rotaries and 7 catches. It comprises 2 center oscillators which are paraphonic and it presents 56 fix focuses which makes it superbly adaptable. They accompany default fixing however you can clearly change the steering as you like. (Behringer Neutron)

Generally, you have 32 sources of info and 24 yields. The thing can be utilized straight out of the case with the default courses by a total fledgling, or you can supersede the courses and toss in your own patches as you see (or hear) fit.

The oscillators are 2 CEM 3340’s, they have a scope of 3 octaves. You can set their recurrence from a decent recurrence or tune them. You get square, beat, saw, triangle, and sine waveforms to choose between and you can settle the score more imaginative by blending contiguous wave types. They can be hard adjusted or you can utilize the second oscillator as a sub. (Behringer Neutron)

The paraphonic nature permits the pitch of the oscillator to be coupled to share setting off components. This allows you to control the pitches autonomously like a pair or polyphonic synth yet the notes are then shared primarily.

The two oscillators have a punchy sound they can be uncontrollably transformed. The info and yield fix focuses are obviously voltage controlled which permits you an extraordinary opportunity for articulation. It has a multi-mode channel with a low-pass and high-pass VCF, there are 2 ASDR amp envelopes and an LFO which can be changed from delayed to midway perceptibly.

You can build the width of the signs and the envelope profundity play with the reverberation and regulation. There are drive tone and level dials in the overdrive narrows and you can play with the assault rate and float.

You can get some decent Moog-sounding bass lines going. The time settings are incredible the deferrals have a great extension and you can change the rhythm with the huge number and portamento controls. They permit you to slide into notes with extraordinary ease and elements.

The handles are on the whole great quality however they can be thumped be cautioned. There are MIDI In and MIDI Thru jacks just as USB/MIDI so you can test anything you like.


Behringer Neutron


The Behringer Neutron is a semi-measured synth with a Eurorack development, that gives excellent double 3340 simple oscillators. They can be utilized paraphonically and component 5 diverse wave-structures to look over.

Each has its own heartbeat width settings and tone balance to change. There are 2 simple ADSR generators for VCF and VCA and an LFO with similar 5 separate structures to play with.

It profits by foreordained fix courses that you can use independently, yet it also has a huge fix inlet, so you can get active and change it all yourself. There are 56 all-out fix inputs/yields, all voltage controlled. It is seriously estimated and packs a ton of elements in for the money.


Behringer Neutron Pros

+ Paraphonic dual oscillator semi-modular synth.
+ All analog circuitry and hardware.
+ 80HP Eurorack design.
+ Durably made.
+ 5 wave-forms, 2 ASDR envelopes high and low pass filtering.
+ Noise generator and an overdrive circuit
+ Multi-stage analog delay.
+ LFO.
+ 32 input/24 output patch bay.
+ MIDI in and Thru as well as USB/MIDI connections.


Behringer Neutron Cons

– No complimentary patch cables.
– The delays bleed a little even at zero because of the analog circuitry.


Why We Like It

Behringer Neutron

It is an extraordinary piece of tech, we love the retro Bucket Brigade Delays and overdrive settings. With a broad fix narrows, it goes past a great deal of the opposition. Semi-measured synths are extremely famous and this one offers more than most. (Behringer Neutron)

It likewise gives a great incentive for cash retailing under a ton of the top contenders. It basically has 3 channel modes and is spread out in an easy-to-understand way, you can adhere to the produced directing or think outside the box and get fixing your own.



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