Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

There are many chords that you simply can play on the piano chords, and mastering all of them may discourage new students. The great news is, after learning just a couple of of the foremost basic Piano Chords, you’ll get on your thanks to playing numerous famous piano songs and enjoying your journey on the Piano Chords.


1.C Major Chord

  • Root: C (Pinky)
  • Major 3rd: E (Medium)
  • Perfect fifth: G (Thumb)

Now, you’ll find those notes on the Piano Chords and play them together. Find a C note on the piano and keep the pinky of your left thereon. Then, look two whole steps higher to seek out E and put your finger there. Finally, look one tone and a half-step above E to seek out G. Use your thumb.

Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

Play the chord together with your pinky, Medium, and thumb to play a C major chord.

With time, you’ll memorize the way to position your hands for various chords to develop motor memory, but you’ll follow this method if you’re learning the way to play a replacement major chord.


2. A Minor Chord

Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

  • Root Note: A (Pinky)
  • Minor 3rd: C (Medium)
  • Perfect fifth: E (Thumb)

On the piano chord, find an A note and keep your pinky over it. Look one tone and a half-step above A to seek out C where your finger goes. Then, look two whole steps above E to seek out E, where you’ll put your thumb. Play all three notes with those fingers to make an A minor chord.


3. Key of C Major

C major has the primary five basic piano chords.

The key of C major is one among the simplest keys to start learning the piano. There are not any sharps or flats during this key, so all the essential major and minor chords during this key contain only the white keys on the piano.

The most important chords to find out in every major mode are the I, IV, or the primary, fourth, fifth, and sixth chords. That’s because these chords are most ordinarily utilized in chord progressions.

1. C Major Chord (I)Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

  • Root: C
  • Major third: E
  • Perfect fifth: G

2.F Major Chord (IV)

Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

  • Root: F
  • Major third: A
  • Perfect fifth: C


4. Practicing Chord Progressions in C Major

After you find out how to play each of those chords individually, you’ll begin to practice moving from one chord to a different so you’ll start playing basic piano chord progressions.

For C major’s key, you’ll begin alternating between the positions for C major then F major to start. Play C major, then play F major, then return to C major. Soon your hand will find out how to urge your fingers in situ quickly with each chord.

You then can advance to practicing three-chord and four-chord progressions that are typical in songs. Mastering these will assist you to grasp and apply beginner piano chords.

C Major Chord Progressions

  • C major chord, G major, A minor, F major
  • C major chord, F major, A minor, G major
  • A minor chord, C major, F major, G major
  • C major chord, D minor, F major, G major

Many songs will use these chord progressions or small variations of them. Once you have these down, you’ll recognize these triad patterns within the music you learn.


5. Key of D Major Chord

D major has five more basic piano chords for you to find out on the piano.

The key of D major has two sharps, F#, and C#. This suggests you would like the black keys one-half-step about the notes F and C to play the chords during this key.

The G major chord you learned within the C major mode is additionally within the D major mode. So, you’ll use the G major chord in chord progressions that are in D major. While not all chords are transferable between keys, some specific chords are.

1. D Major Chord (I)

Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

  • Root: D
  • Major third: F#
  • Perfect fifth: A

2. A Major chord (V)

Best 5 Basic Piano Chords For Beginners

  • Root: A
  • Major third: C#
  • Perfect fifth: E





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