Best Agile Management Tools

Best Agile Management Tools

Best Agile project management has been a real revolution in response to the great demand within organizations to offer the best service in record time. When the Agile Manifesto first appeared in 2001, it was a set of radical ideas put forth by a small group of programmers who thought there was a better way to code. They had a goal to work quickly and more constructively. All they needed was the freedom to constantly rearrange their workflow, plenty of Post-It notes, and whiteboard space to keep everything in order.

List of Best Agile Management Tools

Although there are dozens of best agile project management tools out there, here is the list of agile project management software that we evaluate in this review:


Planview is for managers who want to bring agile techniques to any company. The suite of tools enables you to plan, finance, and deliver abstract projects and manage portfolios of any kind.

Best Agile Management Tools
Best Agile Management Tools

Planview is designed to work well with other Agile planning tools, such as or Jira, in order to support a so-called “team team” planning board. If one group wants to use Jira and another might want, managers of both can use Planview to create a unified tracking model.

The documentation encourages wide adoption, suggesting that the tools can be useful for teams using traditional or hybrid management styles rather than pure agile.


Best Agile Management Tools
Best Agile Management Tools

Monday is built to be eye-catching, and open to all project managers, not just software development teams. The main interface consists of customizable tracking dashboards with columns and fields for tracking details like how many tasks have been completed or when approval has been granted. Its newest feature is called “working document,” which is a more sophisticated word processor built to simplify collaboration, brainstorming, and planning.

Customizable starter templates range from generic projects to more specialized workflows, like running a blog or magazine with new content. A calendar helps organize the coming week. An internal email mailbox mixes communication with follow-up. All this information can be tracked with a mobile application.

Monday’s broad appeal can also be seen in its pre-built integrations with leading automation tools, ranging from Microsoft Teams to Salesforce. There is a vast market full of extensions to improve reporting, do a better job with time tracking, or simplify workflow for some businesses. If you want to go deeper, there is a GraphQL-based API to connect with other tools.


GitLab offers a single platform for managing the tasks of turning your code into a working application. It combines tools for agile planning with the source code repository (git, of course) and the continuous integration process.

Best Agile Management Tools
Best Agile Management Tools

Programmers will feel more comfortable with GitLab. While anyone can use agile planning dashboards to track progress with multiple charts, the automated mechanisms for testing and deploying software (CI/CD continuous integration and deployment) are largely designed for developers only. If you’re planning to take the agile planning process to, say, manufacturing or running a hamburger stand, you’re going to get a lot more than you can use.


Favro is software that is in the cloud. It enables workgroups to collaboratively write, plan, and organize projects. It works like a digital office, so it is capable of transforming any company into an agile organization, encouraging teams to work autonomously. Additionally, it helps leaders visualize an overview of tasks, helping them forecast problems and prevent bottlenecks.

Atlassian Jira

Best Agile Management Tools
Best Agile Management Tools

If you are looking for the ideal tool for software development companies, we cannot fail to mention Atlassian Jira. It allows for managing agile teams remotely and organizing the stages of a project, assigning them to professionals, and following their development as a team in a totally agile way. In addition, its interface is quite intuitive and allows you to view all the phases and activities of the project from the same main module organized by columns.

Atlassian Jira is a paid software that allows you to download a one-week free trial at a very affordable price.


Best Agile Management Tools
Best Agile Management Tools

Targetprocess offers a visual tool optimized for modern frameworks like SAFe or LeSS. The goal is to deliver something big that can keep large teams of teams working together.

The tool organizes team portfolios, giving each one a roadmap, a Kanban board, and a board to outline the plan for the next sprint and next product release. There is also a no-login “idea intake” portal that allows customers and others to offer suggestions and goals.

Targetprocess integrates with software development tools like Jenkins or Bitbucket. There is also extensive integration with general tools like Salesforce or Miro. The focus is on reaching all members of the organization and beyond.


This software has four modules: Scrum, Bug Tracker, Help Desk, and Wiki. Streamlines operational processes through automated analytics, charts, and a dashboard that enables task viewing, editing, and dissemination. The application of agile project management is simple through all the possibilities that it offers us. Despite being a paid tool, it has the potential for the user to download a 14-day trial version. If you try it, will you tell us if you have stayed with it?


With LeanKit you will apply Kanban quickly and easily by organizing the tasks of any organization in a similar way to the vertical columns of other platforms but including many other functionalities (such as analysis and improvement recommendations), as well as visual elements (subdivisions within each column ). It has a completely free version but is limited to small teams. Therefore, it is ideal for small businesses. Despite this, it has paid versions that include numerous advantages such as unlimited whiteboards. Any employee will be able to carry out agile management of their projects, what are you waiting for?


Best Agile Management Tools
Best Agile Management Tools

It is an excellent and affordable solution for small businesses, as it is very easy to use, and project managers do not need to stress about teaching the team how to use this software. Its powerful document management, email-based communication features, priority and task control, and budgeting features have made it a very attractive and particular software for project managers who focus on several projects at once.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Labs is a software development practice created by Pivotal Tracker to specifically assist web and mobile developers. Pivotal Tracker supports multiple projects, progress charts, messaging between team members, project-based tasks, and user stories, is relatively easy to use (after you get past the garden program), has a wonderful iOS app, and offers a lovely set of feedback tools, so QA is always at the forefront of the project.

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