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Best bass amp for beginners in 2021

Are you looking for the best bass amp for beginners?  We made a list of every single best bass amp. We whittled that list down using the powers of our mind. We ended up with these five amps from Acoustic, Eden, Ampeg, Hartke, and Fender, all the big names in amps, and we’re going to tell you which one blew the competition to smithereens! 


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The Acoustic B15 bass amp:

This is one of the best bass amps. I picked this amp because it’s the only amp I could find in this really, really low end of the price range, that had a 10″ speaker. Those 8″ speakers are bad news, they’re wimpy, they do not reproduce bass. Unfortunately, even though we’ve got the 10″ speaker, this 15-watt head really did not drive a nice, low-end feeling in the room. It’s hard to hear through the microphone with the tone samples, but just the feeling of being in the room with the amp, But the tone is fine, it’s just the actual low frequencies hitting you, it doesn’t quite, it doesn’t have the feeling of a bigger amp.

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Eden EC10 combo bass amp:

It’s got another 10″ speaker. And I’ve played some really great Eden amps in the past, so I was curious to check this out. And unfortunately, I was really disappointed by the sound, I just found it to be really thin, I couldn’t get a lot of bass out of this amp, really not much more than the acoustic, which is a lot cheaper. So really the amount of bass you get out of the amp flat is the amount you’re getting unless you want a bunch of distortion. So, I was really bummed out by this.


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Ampeg BA-110 bass amp:

I really wanted to like this amp. Ampeg has made some legendary bass rigs over the years. This is not one of them. I was not super impressed with this amp. It has a nice natural tone to it. I like the sound I get just with a flat EQ. Worked nicely for slap too. But I was just wanting more presence and body out of this amp than I was getting for the size and the weight. The enclosure felt a little cheap to me compared to all the other ones which were really solid. The scrambler distortion I did not like. So I did not give this one a great score based on all that stuff.


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Hartke HD 75 bass amp: 

I went a little bit over our price range on this one to see if we would get more amp for our buck if we spent a little bit more. And the short verdict is we did not. This amp was such a bummer. some of my favorite bass players use Hartke. And it looks like it’s going to be a great amp. I like the logo, the enclosure is really high quality, I love this metal grill on the speaker instead of fabric, but just the sound coming out of this amp really bummed me out. I find the Hartke graphic EQ interface to be so confusing. I’ve been playing bass for half my life, and I still just can’t figure out that many bands of EQ. I shudder to think at a beginner trying to figure it out. Also, this amp has the most intense ambient hum I have ever heard out of an amp, especially this size. It’s so loud, even with nothing plugged into it. I would find it so annoying to use as a practice amp. And also, it weighs 52 pounds! the TC electronic rig I use on the road, weighs about that much.

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