Best electronic drum set for beginners

Best electronic drum set for beginners 2021




Today we’re talking about the best $300 electronic drum sets for beginners on the market. Now to be honest $300 really doesn’t get you much, like acoustic guitars, and now you can actually get something really rock-solid for 300 bucks, with electronic drum sets you do have to spend quite a bit more before you start you know really getting to the decent stuff. But I did want to gather the best drum sets for this price range because I realize a lot of people are jumping into electronic drums, they have $300 to spend, they don’t have a big budget and they don’t know what to get. So here are the best ones that you should look at. I’m Going to go over the pros and cons of each of them and also have links to other posts if you want to like research more about specific drum sets.

1.Simmons SD 350 electronic drum setSimmons-SD350

okay, so the first electronic
 drum set on the list is the Simmons SD 350. This drum set comes with all mesh pads and it comes on a very small post-electronic drum set rack. The mesh snare and toms are all eight inches across. They’re not the exact same pad though because the Toms are single-zone meaning you only get one sound from the rim or the drum head area, and the snare is dual-zone so you will get the rimshot and the electronic drum set head sound.
Simmons SD 350
Meanwhile the symbols of the hi-hat that crash the ride they’re all ten inches across. Now if you look at advertisements from Facebook or something you might see this giant drum module with a touchscreen on it.

Simmons SD 350That’s really just like an iPad or an iPhone with an app. The actual electronic drum set module is this guy right here and unfortunately, it’s pretty darn limited, so you get 179 sounds you get the bare minimumSimmons SD 350 selection of ports, like a headphone jack and aux-in for your phone and master output.
Unfortunately, you can’t plug in extra pads. The only other thing that I really don’t like about this drum set apart from the drum module being very limited is the fact that this thing doesn’t have a kick drum tower.
So as a whole this drum set really isn’t worth serious consideration in my mind. There was a time when this was very impressive because there were no other drum sets like it on the market for this price, but honestly, the only thing in its favor is that it’s got a cool iPhone app that lets you control the drum module. But apart from that it doesn’t have the kick drum tower and the sounds inside of it are pretty darn bad and the velocity difference between playing really soft I mean really hard there’s not a giant dynamic range in between those. It feels a little bit more like a toy than some of the other drum sets that you can buy out there. And if you own it I’m not trying to trash on it I’m just saying that newer drum sets that have come out since then are better than this one.

2.Nitro Mesh

nitro meshokay so moving onto the next electronic drum set on this list we have the all-new Alesis nitro mesh. Now, this thing is selling for about 350$ dollars, there was a previous version of this drum set called the Alesis Nitro. I thought these were gonna be sold side by side but if you go on music websites it’s getting harder and harder to find the rubber version of this drum set.nitro mesh so maybe the mesh is like taking over in its place. This drum set has nearly identical sizes to that Simmons drum set. you get

nitro mesh

  • Eight-inch drums for the toms and the snare. 
  • The snares dual-zone 
  • The Tom’s are single-zone 
  • The cymbals are all 10 inches across 
  • This thing is sitting on a four-post aluminum drum rack 

So this one’s actually nicer than the Simmons one it has an actual kick drum tower, so you’re not just gonna be using some sort of kick drum pedal on the floor and the module is much much more powerful.


nitro meshnitro mesh

The nitro module doesn’t necessarily sound totally better but it gives you many more rounds and a lot more ports on it. 


3.Behringer XD 8 USB and the XD80 USB

Behringer XD 8 USB and the XD80 USBBehringer XD 8 USB and the XD80 USB

okay so moving onto the next few drum sets, we have the Behringer XD 8 USB and the XD80 USB. Now you might be wondering why I’m sort of like grouping these two kids together, it’s because even though they are priced slightly differently they’re almost the exact same drum set. 

  • The 8USB comes with 123 sounds, and the 80USB comes with 175 sounds. This drum set is almost the exact same size as the other kits.Behringer XD 8 USB and the XD80 USB 
  • 8-inch pads for the toms and the snare 
  • Unfortunately this time they’re rubber pads 
  • The cymbals are 12 inches across so they’re slightly larger than the other two drum sets. 
  • And it has the XD 8 USB drum module similar to the Simmons drum module.Behringer XD 8 USB and the XD80 USB
  • This one also does not have many ports on it and you just have a very basic selection of different sounds to play with. 

Now I Don’t want to be harsh but Behringer made this electronic drum set as a straight-up cash-grab. We all know that Behringer is not a drum company in any sense of the word and they didn’t make any of these components, in fact, all the drum sets on this $300 list all get their components from Adelie. But at least the Alesis drum set is using newer components and it’s using the mesh drum. Behringer, right here they’re just using components that the other companies used to use like three or four years ago. For around $350 I don’t know of any other drum sets on the market right now at least in the United States market that can really compete with the Alesis nitro mesh. nitro mesh

so that’s the one I would do heavy research on. And I’ve liked some plant examples down in the suggested post below if you want to go you know some more research and decide whether or not that one might be for you. For$300 it might be worth looking at a used electronic drum set because a lot of these drum sets they’re more like burner drum sets. It’s not something that’s gonna last for a terribly long time and the sounds kind of suck, but if you look for used electronic drum sets sometimes if you’re lucky you can find some really decent $300 electronic drum sets, so something like a Yamaha dtxpress drum sets or a dtxplorer drum set or like a Roland td3 with mesh snare, those are drum sets that I Would highly look into if you can if you spot them unlike Facebook marketplace or something like Craigslist. Okay so that’s the article about the best electronic drums set for beginners, hope you guys enjoyed it and find some best helpful tips. What do you guys think of this list? What do you think is the best electronic drum set for 300-400 dollars? Let us know down in the comments below.


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