Best Electronic Music Making Software

Do you want to best electronic music making software? There is a lot of software that can be used to make music, and here we have gathered the best ones. Programs with which you’ll be able to do almost anything, make all kinds of mixes, simulate the sound of any instrument, and add all kinds of effects to your rhythms.

Pop, rock, jazz, disco… no matter what sound you want to create, these programs are capable of working with any style of rhythm that is in your head. And we have put together software of all kinds, from the most professional to the most affordable. Even some free options too.

List of 5 best electronic music making software

Best electronic music making software that allows you to record, edit and mix sounds. Some programs with sound editing and processing function are capable of capturing audio streams from different sources. The music processing program can create beats, soundtracks, and remixes of songs. Here are my five lists of the best electronic music making software.

PreSonus Studio One 4 Prime

Best Electronic Music Making Software
Best Electronic Music Making Software

The free Prime version is a fully functional package that offers audio tracks, MIDI tracks, as well as some limited effects. They are complemented by a wide variety of samples, loops, and a new instrument editor.

The paid versions add a whole host of more advanced options and content, including the newly added chord detector and the powerful Sample One XT sampler. However, as a serious alternative to GarageBand, Studio One Prime is a great starting point especially if you’re starting out in the world of music.

One drawback we see with the free version is that it doesn’t support third-party plugins like AU, VST2, VST3, and Rewire, which somewhat limits its capabilities.

Price: Free (Professional Version: $399.95)
Download: Presonus

Features: The Studio One range has achieved a great reputation as music composition software among professional users. Now in its latest edition, Studio One is available in three different tiers: Free, Studio One 5 Artist, and Studio One 5 Professional.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X
Best Electronic Music Making Software

Logic Pro X is software that emulates a professional recording studio including all kinds of virtual musical instruments, as well as an extensive library of libraries, synthesizers, and audio tools.

Some of them make it worth your purchase with the extensive collection of effects like Smart Tempo, Phat FX, Step FX, ChromaVerb, and Vintage EQ that have been recently added, reinforcing what was already a great offering.

With Logic Pro X it is possible to record up to 255 tracks in total for each composition, with the ability to lay down multiple tracks at the same time and various effects can be applied and manipulated while the track is playing.

The editing functions can be a bit complex for the most novice, but you should know that they are tremendously powerful, allowing you to control MIDI patterns as well as various aspects of the audio tracks. It is also possible to automate changes on the fly.

There’s also Flex Pitch, which is a kind of automatic tuning that allows you to correct any errant vocalists or guitar solos. Flex Time can solve any runtime problem.

Ease of use: GarageBand and Logic share a very similar design, so if you like the form and approach of the free version, you’ll feel right at home opting for its big brother’s version. Some of the more advanced features are initially hidden for ease of use, but it only takes a few clicks to activate them.

Logic allows you to use an iPad as an additional control surface. Additionally, Apple offers the option for iPad and iPhone users to upload Logic files to iCloud and then add them on the go through the iOS version of GarageBand.

FL Studio

This is one of the best DAWs for those looking to get started and get their feet wet in the world of music creation.

Image-Line’s FL Studio has been around for quite some time, being one of the best electronic music making software programs to date. It has its standard protocol with pitch shifting, correction, time stretching, cut, paste, and the works, but its interface is especially suitable for the beginner.

It will take a bit of reading to get started, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be good to go. There are a plethora of YouTube videos dating back to 2005 offering tutorials for just about any feature that needs to be explained. Its latest version includes over 30 synth programs for immediate use, so if you’ve just bought a controller and want some sounds to start playing with you, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

You can use MIDI keyboards, record on them with a microphone, or do your own standard editing and mixing; it simply gives you what you essentially need in music software with a simple interface. It also has some advanced features, so once you get the hang of it, you can dig into it for a solid learning curve for the future.

It’s very easy to use, especially when adding some virtual instruments and playing them in MIDI. Another advantage is that it works very well with a PC or Mac. The retail price is also much lower than others, so it is definitely cheap. We recommend getting this program for someone younger.


Best Electronic Music Making Software

Mixcraft is a powerful multitrack studio whose competitive advantage lies in the excellent quality of the built-in effects.

The user can choose from a variety of samples, filters, and virtual instruments. All this ensures the creation of professional tracks, high-quality remixes, as well as the execution of any other work related to sound at the highest level.

Even soundtrack video recordings won’t cause many issues. It’s also worth noting that Mixcraft supports video editing. Although the basic functionality is enough to reject the additional use of a video editor.


  • the presence of 22 professional effects built into the basic version;
  • support for 11 available VST plugins;
  • the ability to import loop libraries;
  • there are over eight thousand samples and loops in the main library;
  • easy work with all modern audio formats;
  • the presence of a built-in video editor, thanks to which you can refuse to use a separate program if the project does not provide for the use of transitions and complex special effects;
  • free trial available.

Mixcraft is ideal for recording and mixing tracks because the built-in effects provide high-quality sound. Beginners can simply master the key options, but at the same time, it cannot be called very simple.

However, Mixcraft is a must-have program for those who want to take music seriously and want to create more and more professional tracks.

GarageBand For Mac

The most recent versions of GarageBand have aligned with Logic Pro X in terms of style, while also introducing impressive features like the ability to simulate drums alongside other compositions, relieving hours of MIDI programming.

Included amp simulators make recording guitars (both six-string and bass) a breeze, while rich loops including new instrument samples and sound effects give compositions a professional edge.

Ease of Use: GarageBand’s sleek design and lack of control options make it an ideal solution for anyone just starting out with little or no musical knowledge.

The instruments have graphic representations that are easy to use, while the menus are arranged in such a way that you don’t feel lost among so many buttons.

It lacks some very useful editing features, such as crossfades and podcasts, but there are things to help create great-sounding songs. It can even teach you a new instrument through the interactive lessons that the program has.

Price: Free
Download: Mac App Store
Features: For years, GarageBand has made it possible for countless users to record their songs without needing any knowledge of advanced software and mixers, using a simple and accessible interface.

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