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More and more people use fitness program software to maintain or achieve a good physical, health, and beautiful condition. Standing out from the great offer that exists and offering modern and quality services that attract customers is the main objective of these businesses. Discover the advantages of having fitness program software for 2022.

List of some fitness program software

Eating a balanced diet and playing sports regularly are the keys to having a healthy life. But, sometimes, the stress of everyday life forces us to take time away from physical activity and we stop going to the gym or do not go running as planned. Or maybe, directly, we are one of those who do not like to get between four walls to exercise or we need to do it alone in the privacy of our home. Whatever your case, in our list of the best applications to exercise you will find the perfect solution.


P.volve not only builds your confidence through the toned and agile body you achieve from your workouts but also takes you one step further in the beginning. The whole premise of P.volve is to make sure you’re exercising correctly, which means the first step is to master each of the functional movements. Once that’s done, it’s time to delve into the app’s endless variety of workouts, which can be filtered based on your training goals.

A quick burst of energy can be maximized with a single sweat session or larger, long-term goals can be measured and tracked through different fitness programs. Each time you complete a workout, you’ll see the little progress bar move a little closer to your end goal. P.volve uses low-impact, high-intensity, resistance-based moves that are more accessible in the training world and combines them to strengthen, sculpt and energize your entire body in one quick burst.

Best for: Accessible and deceptively difficult workouts that keep you motivated at all times.


Fitness program software
Fitness program software

If you’re thinking of getting an in-person fitness program software experience at home, you should consider the app’s open live training.

It would feel like you are actually in the classes and the trainer is standing in front of you due to real-time video streaming. The different training classes that Openfit offers are yoga, stretching, strength training, kickboxing, circuit training, barre, pilates, and running.

With real-time video streaming, you will be able to hear the trainer and the trainer will also be able to give you the appropriate feedback. If you want, you can even keep the camera off and just watch the trainer while you exercise. Whichever option you choose, the other participants cannot see each other.

If you miss any in-person training by the instructor, you can take care of it right away, along with the recording. The instructors lead the session with the same enthusiasm and energy as the physical sessions. You can choose from hundreds of live fitness classes or go with a results-focused personal trainer.

Apple Fitness +

Fitness program software
Fitness program software

The new kid on the block in the form of training programs, Apple Fitness jumped to the top of the class with a complete, functional, and motivating training plan that will have you checking your iPhone or Apple Watch every day. Gamification comes into play here, with a variety of little colorful rings to be crossed off the list when he has achieved them each day.

From walking a set number of steps to keeping your heart rate at a set point, you’ll download the app for casual use and find yourself hanging around his apartment at night to tick off those little rings once and for all. Motivating in the best possible way, this app is the perfect combination of information and inspiration that enables rapid progress. From HIIT to yoga, core, and strength, and with workout plans specially designed for beginners, Apple Fitness gives Apple lovers a whole new product to get excited about.

Best for: Techies who can keep an eye on their Apple Watch while they work up a sweat.


Runtastic wants you to start a training plan and challenge yourself to get stronger after each training session. Whether you’re thinking about starting your first run or taking your first bike ride in a long time, you can make every activity count.

With the help of Adidas Running, you will be able to track your activities and set goals accordingly. You will be able to record each training session and review the statistics at the end. You can even consider taking part in different challenges to push your limits and get a performance boost. By sharing your success with the global Adidas Running community, you’ll gain the motivation to stay active and reach your fitness goals in life.

Runtastic also provides audio feedback from a voice coach that will ensure you’re on the right track. Live monitoring and motivation in the form of cheers would give him the much-needed push to cross his limits. You can continue with the free Runtastic plan or upgrade to the premium plan to run training programs to exceed your fitness goals and get personalized access to select bodyweight programs in the app.


The basic fitness step would depend on your eating habits.

MyFitnessPal concentrates on what you eat instead of focusing on your exercise routines. You can take control of your fitness goals by tracking your calories, breaking down ingredients, and finding the right food to eat for a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, lower your BMI, tone up, or improve your overall health, you’ll be able to find the right help in this app. The app allows you to keep a food diary to track your eating habits and achieve your goals. Food tracking has been made easy as you can scan barcodes, save recipes and meals, and use quick tools to track that food.

The app allows you to join the largest community of fitness fanatics to get motivated and get some useful tips. MyFitnessPal experts also provide you with food recipes that have been approved by nutritionists. 

In the end, it’s not just about calories, but about feeling and living a better life.


With technological advances, FitnessAI uses artificial intelligence and generates personalized workouts. Based on your previous workouts and workouts, the AI ​​will optimize the number of sets, reps, weight for each exercise, and the workouts you need to focus on.

The algorithm will also let you know how much time you need to rest and how to adjust the difficulty for your next training session. You will be able to notice how the algorithm pushes you to reach new limits. You will receive new workout recommendations in your personalized feed containing up-to-date information about your previous workouts.

FitnessAI provides clear information about your fitness training progress and tells you how you can meet your fitness goals. There’s no need for personal trainers because you can message directly into the app when seeking advice from training experts. 


Gym Software, an all-in-one online platform for Personal Trainers, Independent Gyms, and Sports Networks.

Virtuagym integrates the administrative management of the center, the management of members, and that of classes and training. With automated billing, payment control, and contract renewals

It allows you to create personalized training plan templates, have an automated reservation system, and track your progress.

Offer your members your own gym app to create a virtual community with sports challenges, advise them on their training or nutrition plans and maintain direct communication with them.


Management program for gyms, fitness centers, coaching, crossfit, pilates, and yoga. With accounting, calendar, customer, warehouse, and stock, POS, and marketing tools for the global control of the business.

Bewe is a software for online gyms, accessible from a web browser and an app for tablets and mobile phones, with differentiated sectoral solutions for the type of sports center and the most cutting-edge functionalities to retain your customers.

Management and planning of training sessions and classes, blocking of schedules and online reservations, sending reminders to your members, management of sports trainers, collections and invoices, integration with social networks, and loyalty actions.

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