Best Real Estate Agent Management Software

The real estate agent management software world has undergone a great transformation in recent years, as technology has been incorporated into a sector that had not always been very receptive to innovations.

However, the rise of Proptech and the indisputable turn towards online marketing have driven the massive adoption of all kinds of computer tools in the sector. The objectives, of course, are to facilitate the management of the real estate portfolio, improve the management of customer relations and, ultimately, optimize all aspects of the business.

For this reason, we have found it very interesting to select the six best real estate software applications available in 2022. We hope that this selection will help you find the tool that best suits the needs of your business.

Best Real Estate Agent Management Software

  • HabitatSoft
  • Bismo 
  • Inmovilla 
  • Inmoweb


SAARI is software for real estate agent management software that allows you to manage the entire process of selling and renting real estate, ranging from prospecting clients to collection management. It also allows issuing electronic invoices and generating analysis through its performance indicators.

With the help of this program, you will be able to have exact control of the inventory of properties that you have to offer and know their status, as well as establish efficient communication with clients and prospects through electronic notifications.

As if that were not enough, this real estate software also has a digital application that you can use from your cell phone so that you have access to the key information to conclude your sale at any time and anywhere, being highly practical.


Real Estate Agent Management Software
Real Estate Agent Management Software

Habitat soft is another well-known real estate agent management software that also has many followers in the sector.

Like the previous one, it allows you to work from any device, coordinating all the agents in real-time. Of course, it also makes it possible to publish your property portfolio on the best-known real estate websites (Idealista, Fotocasa,, etc.).

If you want to try it out before deciding, Habitatsoft has a quite interesting (although somewhat limited) free version.


The software for real estate agencies Bismo is ideal for small or medium-sized real estate companies, which makes it easier to keep better control of the expenses and budget invested in each property, as well as to keep organized all the paperwork related to each property, including deeds, contracts, contact details of customers and prospects.

Likewise, it has preloaded contract templates so that you only have to modify specific data without wasting time drafting the sales contract. Thanks to its mobile application, which can be used on both Android and iOs, you will keep up to date with your pending.


This software for real estate agencies promises to be very intuitive, so you don’t need to have a great knowledge of handling new technologies to learn how to use it.

An innovative element of Inmovilla is that it allows the generation of a biometric signature or digital signature to be applied to any document issued through this real estate software or its mobile application, giving legality to the procedures and greater security for the buyer. In addition, it allows virtual tours of the properties you have for sale or rent so that your potential customers can get to know them without having to go in person.


This real estate software is ideal for the management and administration of real estate agencies, as it is designed with specialized CRM and also has tools that help capture and manage properties, as well as prospects.

Likewise, it offers direct communication with real estate portals, as it collects the contacts and messages that reach those platforms.

Start optimizing your work with the help of this real estate software, generate higher income, and take advantage of your free time to take one of the online courses and certifications for real estate agents in Mexico, or to spend quality time with yourself and with your friends. loved ones.

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