Best resource planning software

Best Resource Planning Software In 2022

Best resource planning software management focuses on optimization and efficiency. It includes planning, tracking, and optimizing the use of various types of resources, helping to successfully complete a given project. Resource management software allows you to simplify these processes. Analyze demand and capacity and provide predictive scenarios. It allows you to allocate resources effectively to your projects and streamline your work processes.

List of the best resource planning software

In this article, I have identified the 10 best resource planning software that you can use for all your projects whether personal or professional.


The ClickUp is one of the best resource planning software. The resource planning software ClickUp combines all projects in a central project management app. You can organize your projects, view details, and collaborate on them with other team members.

best resource planning software
Best resource planning software

ClickUp helps you plan and control all projects from start to finish and create custom workflows. You can add comments to any task or document, tag other team members, and coordinate with others. A global timer automatically tracks how much time is spent on each project.

With mind maps, project ideas can be planned and tasks can be divided into different project phases. In addition, tasks can be broken down visually.

Evernote Teams

Evernote Teams is a software tool that allows teams to collaborate on projects. Notes, tasks, and schedules can be managed in one central place.

The system stores all-important project information in one place. You can create and send notes on ongoing projects to team members and assign tasks through the app.

You can also create workflows for team members. Teams can work from any device, including offline.

An administration dashboard provides access to permission controls and detailed logs. Straightforward integration with third-party applications makes it easy to migrate data and run meetings.


The mind mapping and project management tool MindMeister supports you in teamwork and project planning.

You can create mind maps and edit them together with your team in real-time. The integrated presentation mode turns your mind maps into a slide show.

You can also turn mind maps into agile project dashboards and visualize progress for multiple projects. MindMeister offers a note-taking function for meetings or brainstorming sessions and the ability to store owners or shared data in a central database and share it with others.


The notion is a knowledge management and collaboration tool that brings together all team members, project ideas, and notes in one central platform. Workflows are created and organized with a drag-and-drop editor.

best resource planning software (2)
Best resource planning software

Additionally, you can create roadmaps with custom tags and invite team members to edit and add tasks and activities to the roadmaps.

The notion can also be used to create a centralized knowledge base for your team. The tool offers flexible Kanban boards, lists, and tables that you can use to organize a wide variety of processes. Advanced permission settings let you control exactly who has access to company data and which departments you want to share resources with.


Todoist is another best resource planning software. You can also use the task and project management software Todoist to organize your workflows. In Todoist you can create and manage tasks of all kinds and get an overview of your work.

You can label the tasks by importance and have the most important tasks of each day highlighted. You can also split tasks between team members and give them a time frame for completion.

View all activities related to a project as a board with Kanban-style cards, group, and label tasks, or assign them to individual team members.

Todoist integrates with email platforms, automatically creating tasks from incoming emails. Projects can be viewed, added, and edited from any device.


Teamleader is a personal and team planning software that aims to be collaborative.

In addition to being able to easily manage all your tasks, Teamleader has many useful functionalities in business such as an integrated CRM, invoicing software, or even time tracking!

Teamleader wants to be a real complete ERP from CRM to task planning. This is why Teamwork has recently established itself as a benchmark in the field.

Ideal for keeping your team aligned, Teamleader allows you to replace much other software such as your invoicing or quote software!

Simply put, Teamleader makes it easy to track and optimize all aspects of your business.


Freedcamp is another best resource planning software recommended.

Freedcamp is a free, cloud-based online planning tool with an efficient collaboration channel that teams can work with in the same way.

This free activity tracking software allows you to simply follow the progress of personal projects or your team.

Freedcamp offers a wide range of features to help with project planning, team communication and collaboration, time tracking, and more. It uses Kanban boards and facilitates seamless task management through these boards.


MeisterTask is one of the best resource planning software for managing tasks and projects. MeisterTask facilitates association and communication within the team and facilitates project management for project managers.

MeisterTask also uses Kanban project dashboards, making it easier to organize tasks, make them more accessible, and manage them more efficiently.

MeisterTask, therefore, allows you to manage your tasks and has an interesting planning application for your team.


Team Bridge is a widely used all-in-one RMS. The company says its resource management apps are used by teams in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, the Middle and the Far East, and Africa.

The tool includes all the access options needed to manage resources such as planning, scheduling, time management, vacation management, etc. Its simple calendar view lets you perform the important tasks of tracking unallocated resources, assigning activities to them, and monitoring their schedule.

From revenue or point billing, managers can calculate KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI (Return on Investment), and their adaptive reports help determine team engagement.

The dashboard of the software helps in forecasting future project needs based on current projects.


Saviom is an advanced best resource planning software with custom configuration options that can be modified according to project requirements. The software would help reduce resource costs by 10-30% and increase resource utilization by 10-20%.

One of its unique features is that the platform predicts full resource transparency including requirements, unpaid resources, over and under utilization, and capacity planning using multi-dimensional analytics in real-time.

It is a comprehensive resource management platform that helps SMBs forecast resource requirements in advance based on supply and demand analysis.

The software helps you quickly identify and allocate the right resources on time, based on opportunities, locations, areas of interest, and more.


The best resource planning software is one of the most difficult tasks in any phase of CUSTOM project management, but with the right tools and software, it can become much easier.

Almost all of the resource management tools discussed above are award-winning, have almost the same functionality, and are SaaS-based with slight feature differences. SMBs can test these tools and then strike a deal before finalizing a purchase.

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