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Best Taylor Baby BT2 review

The Taylor Baby BT2 acoustic guitar is one of the many favorites on the market, for the great qualities it possesses. The Taylor Baby  BT2 seems to be like dreadnought-shaped guitars, with the expansion that it isn’t full-sized, however just 3/4 size of the common dreadnought acoustics. It is smaller and can fit anyplace, so in the event that you need to take with you all the ideal opportunity for live performances or spending time with companions, this guitar is ideal for it. With the top made of solid mahogany, BT2 has a really good and alluring look in light of the more obscure appearance. Also, despite the fact that it is somewhat more limited than a full-size dreadnought, BT2 is fit for delivering amazing tones, while additionally being not difficult to convey. We should investigate the guitar and see why it is viewed as one of the better alternatives on the market.

Build Materials

Taylor Baby BT2

Taylor Baby BT2 is worked on an assortment of materials. The sides and back are made of layered Sapele. With respect to the neck, it is worked from tropical American mahogany, while the top side of the instrument is additionally made of tropical American mahogany. Aside from that, the headstock overlay is Lexan, while the extension and fretboard are coal black. Alongside that come TUSQ nut, and micarta saddle.

Neck & Body

Taylor Baby BT2

Three words: mahogany, mahogany, mahogany! The neck is made of tropical American mahogany, while the back and sides are made out of layered Sapele; an all the more promptly accessible strain of mahogany. In contrast to the BT1, the Taylor Baby BT2 offers a mahogany top that fills in as its sole distinction in development and tone from its archetype. The stain finish offers security just as a pleasant look and a smooth vibe. This guitar is very much constructed and plays extraordinary.


Taylor Baby BT2

Laminate is generally somewhat of an upset region most guitarists keep away from it at all costs yet for this situation, the cover works since it offers greater toughness to the instrument. It feels somewhat artificial, as everything laminates do, however significantly less so than covers utilized by less expensive instrument manufacturers. The varnish on the neck and top are smooth and delicate, loaning the wood a decent vibe that is wonderful beneath the fingers and takes into consideration the most movement freedom possible.

Tone Quality

Taylor Baby BT2

Like its predecessor (the BT1) the Taylor Baby BT2 has a very delicate tone profile and doesn’t sound very as forceful or as full as the LXK2. Now and again, it nearly seems as though you’re playing nylon strings (however the guitar ships with Elixir acoustics strings). The left-hand movement is smooth and simple, while the projection of the guitar appears to restrict the accentuation and volume of finger scratches and picking elements. The more brilliant side of the BT2 will come out more in the event that you pick with your fingernails or utilize a heavier pick all the more forcefully, however, it’s surely not going to give you a similar splendor you’d get from something like the Taylor 114ce. 

In view of the smaller size, the projection will be a bit more isolated and smooth, however, that is not uncommon for the 3/4 acoustic body size. We like the tone of the guitar for musicality and moving practice. It doesn’t sound or play like a toy, by any stretch of the imagination.


Taylor Baby BT2

We’ve made some contention provides details regarding the top tonewood for the BT1 and BT2. We’re genuinely sure this isn’t the situation as both item pages on Taylor’s site have no notice of strong anything for these guitars. This would bode well and would be predictable with the profile set up by the LXK2. Along these lines, we’re genuinely sure the Taylor Baby BT2 is totally overlaid.

Key features of Taylor Baby BT2


  • Body type: Dreadnought 3/4th-Scale
  • Cutaway: No
  • Top wood: Solid Mahogany
  • Back & sides: Layered Sapele
  • Bracing pattern: Taylor Standard Baby X-Bracing
  • Body finish: Matte 2.0
  • Orientation: Right-Handed


  • Neck shape: Taylor Standard Baby Profile
  • Nut width: 1 11/16″ (42.8mm)
  • Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony
  • Neck wood: Sapele
  • Scale length: 22-3/4″
  • Number of frets: 19
  • Neck finish: Matte 2.0
  • Electronics
  • Pickup/preamp: None


  • Headstock overlay: Lexan
  • Tuning machines: Chrome Baby Tuners and Buttons
  • Bridge: Genuine African Ebony
  • Saddle & nut: Nubone
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Special features: n/a
  • Case: Taylor Deluxe Baby Gig Bag
  • Accessories: None
  • Country of origin: Taylor Guitars Factory, Tecate, Mexico

Value of the Taylor Baby BT2

By Taylor guidelines the BT2 is financial plan cordial, conforming to the LXK2 and a few other 3/4 body size acoustics landing in a comparable value range.  $379 is ordinary for this sort of acoustic guitar.

Is Taylor Baby BT2 right for you?

Taylor Baby BT2

The Taylor Baby BT2 is an amazing acoustic guitar that any player in all cases will unquestionably appreciate. From the tonewood and hardware down to the tone and projection, you will see that Taylor put a ton of thought during the time spent making this guitar. Furthermore, that took care of no doubt. this guitar is incredibly an extraordinary venture that can’t be overturned somewhere around any model in this value range. Go get this guitar definitely!


We’d prefer to see some solid wood and maybe a more pleasant gadgets system. For those that need to utilize it to perform consistently, we’d exhort adding an acoustic floor preamp or pedal to give you more command over your tone. The ES-B system is useful for getting a sign to your amp or PA system, however, that’s the long and short of it. Yet, for home practice, students, kids, and simply beginning, the Taylor Baby BT2 is a great idea to go with no guarantees, in any event, shipping with Elixir acoustic strings which keep going quite a while and are probably the most pleasant strings we can suggest. Purchase certainly.

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