Yamaha FG800

Best Yamaha FG800 folk acoustic guitar review

Maybe the greatest situation while picking a passage-level guitar is whether to put resources into a strong wood top or settle for a cover. This Yamaha FG800 survey will show you that you don’t generally need to pick between a decent cost and a genuine guitar sound. Amateur amicable costs and fledgling agreeable playability aren’t totally unrelated by the same token. 

Yamaha is renowned for reasonable guitars that both feel and sound better compared to most spending alternatives. Their FG guitars have put among the most famous acoustic guitars on the planet for quite a long time. The Yamaha FG800 is a genuinely late brilliant illustration. We should inspect what makes it a standout amongst other acoustic guitars under $300. 

we realize Yamaha is best with respect to specialized accomplishments for instruments, pickups, speakers, and all things in regards to music, we decide to audit the Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar, additionally known to pack an especially progressed configuration include. 

Significant Features of Yamaha FG800

We will currently investigate some significant highlights that all potential purchasers should remember. Everything found underneath subtleties includes what we like. We will likewise investigate a few issues we identified somewhat later. 

Body and Design

Yamaha FG800

What we have here is a non-cutaway man of war guitar with a long 25” scale. It’s made with a blend of scalloped-supported strong Sitka tidy at the top, in addition to overlaid nato (otherwise called eastern mahogany) just as Okoume along the edges and the back. 

I should note spending acoustic guitars are usually made of covered bits of wood. Having a strong wood at this value range is very great. All the more thus, Sitka has an eye-getting characteristic earthy-colored tone. 

Most outstandingly, every one of the 800 series guitars highlights another scalloped propping design. The supports are bits of wood mounted under the acoustic guitar’s top. Scalloped propping is an exceptional strategy utilized by luthiers to shape these supports with more accuracy and care. 

Subsequently, the acoustic design is more ideal, so it keeps up the top board solidness while bringing out as most characteristic sound as could really be expected.

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Yamaha FG800

The neck is joined at the fourteenth fret with a stick, which is the norm on all battleship guitars. This is a nato neck is a silk finish made with a splash during a manual interaction, which is a pleasant motion. 

The rosewood fretboard packs 20 medium-large frets. It’s normally oily, smooth, and tough. There’s additionally a splash-painted matte completion on the rosewood. The rosewood fingerboard finishes the exemplary man of war look of this guitar and conveys smooth playing encounters, particularly on slides. 

The neck sports an especially thin profile, which settles on this an extraordinary decision for a beginner guitar also. 

Generally speaking, both the neck and the rosewood are really smooth and comfortable. The quality could make you question the moderate cost of this guitar each time you play it.


The Yamaha FG800 has a smooth, natural look with black bindings and a glossy finish. A dark red pickguard finishes the look. You can discover more seasoned models with various completions like a sunburst. There’re no extra alternatives for these guitars. However, the pricier models of the 800 series do have some shading choices. 

Tone Quality 

Yamaha FG800

The Yamaha FG800 sound and tone quality really stick out, and that is because of Yamaha’s high-level scalloped supporting example. As I said, this is a bleeding-edge technology. 

What it does is improves bass and mid frequencies, just as sound projection. All in all, the sound is beefier and ventures further. 

This is an element all Yamaha 800 guitars pack. Normally, Yamaha adds one amazing and progressed feature into a specific guitar or bass series with the goal that the entirety of the models of the series pack exactly the same benefit, regardless of the cost. Such is the situation with the NTX arrangement of electro-acoustic guitars pressing top-tech ART 2 pickups. 

The high-level scalloped supporting is an impressive feature for a spending guitar regardless. What’s more, the outcome is likewise an impressive and loud tone for a, particularly modest guitar. 

It’s warm, round, and very much expressed in any event, during rough playtime. You could even rock out the local club and feel extremely certain about this guitar. 


As I said, the FG800 is the simplest model of the 800 series. Although each guitar of the arrangement packs similarly progressed propping, pricier models get extra completion choices, better structure materials, better strings, and better equipment generally. 

Also, the more you pay, the prettier this guitar gets. 

Presently, the Yamaha FG820 is similarly well known. It accompanies better tonewoods and better strings.

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Yamaha FG800

Like most spending plan cordial guitars, it has a lovely high string activity. This can make it harder for novices to play easily until they grow more finger strength and calluses. Since you can’t get to the support pole without an extraordinary apparatus, it’s ideal to allow an expert to change it in the event that you need ideal playability. Other than that, you’ll see that it plays fine. From simple strumming to advanced fingerstyle, the Yamaha FG800 allows you to play easily. 

The 43mm nut width implies you will not need to extend as much for confounded harmonies. That is a major advantage for ladies and youthful guitarists, specifically. It’s a quick neck because of the moderate silk finish which has less contact than a typical glossy varnish. 


You’ll discover the Yamaha FG800 for around $200. That is an amazing cost for a strong top acoustic that is worked to last. Furthermore, on the off chance that you need something better as it were, supplanting the nut and seat will make it equivalent to a more costly guitar for a portion of the expense. I suggest that you get a total starter pack for the best worth. 

Is Yamaha FG800 Right for You? 

In case you’re searching for something truly reasonable that is as yet a genuine guitar, a Yamaha FG800 is an ideal decision. As consistently with this brand, you get top incentives at the cost. Since it’s an update of a guitar model that has been well known for quite a long time, you know it’s not simply a modest cash get. It’s a decent form and suits most expertise levels, so you’ll get numerous long periods of work out of this moderate guitar. In the event that you’ve settled on a Yamaha FG800, you can get it here.


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