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Top 5 Best Pearl Drums 2021

pearl drums

INTRODUCTION: Pearl drums have been a popular brand for decades. Even non-musicians associate the name with drums, meaning the corporate is incredibly well-known. The top quality of their drum sets is that the big reason for this. Another reason would…

how to create a Virtual DJ

how to create a Virtual DJ

Now we’re going to review some basic stuff about eq’ing virtual Dj and special effects that you can do really, just elevate your mix and manipulate the music a bit more sowed went over this earlier, but each mixer has…

the 10 Best Drum Kit Brands.

10 the Best Drum Kit Brands.

Drum Kit Brands is the sort of question that’s hard to answer, but one you cannot really answer in a right or wrong way. Which drum kit brand is the best? For some drummers, this question is extremely easy to…