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Best Snare Drums!!!

best snare drums!!!

Hi guys!!! Hope you are all doing well. Today we are going to discuss the 5 best, cool, affordable, amazing Best Snare Drums that you can get for under 150 dollars!!! Crazy isn’t it?? These 5 best snare drums are.…

Yamaha Stage Custom Steel Snare 14 x 6-1/2

Yamaha Stage Custom Steel Snare

Overview:   The Yamaha Stage Custom Steel snare delivers cutting highs and full-bodied punch and attack for your kit. This Yamaha Stage Custom Steel Snare drum features durable triple-f langed hoops for a wide-open sound and high-tension lugs that accommodate…

Pearl M80 Snare Drum an amazing drum

Pearl M80 Snare Drum

The Pearl M80 snare drum with a brushed pewter finish makes an incredible and striking alternate or side snare. This snare offers poplar wood construction and a compact 10 x 4 in. size for explosive power and projection. The Pearl…