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Hi guys!!! Hope you are all doing well. Today we are going to discuss the 4 best, cool, affordable, amazing best cymbal drum sets that you can get for under 600 dollars!!! Crazy isn’t it??

These 4 best cymbals pack sets are.



These 4 best cymbals pack could be the best options for you because these are affordable, nice, cool & amazing. Starting with,


Zildjian Planet Z Complete Cymbal Pack:

Zildjian Planet Z
Zildjian Planet Z cymbals pack keeps up the tradition of innovative metallurgy that exists within all levels of Zildjian cymbals. The exclusive alloy wont to make Planet Z cymbals may be a proprietary blend that provides cymbals focus, brilliance, and musicality. The 20″ Planet Z ride provides clean stick definition with focused foundational tones, and therefore the 16″ crash responds with a pronounced punch that’s great for accents to downbeats. The 14″ Planet Z hi-hats exhibit a clean, crisp attack that will not stray during a mix. If you are looking for exceptional value from an American-made cymbal series, make certain to offer cymbals from Sweetwater an opportunity.



14″ hi-hat, 16″ crash, and 20″ ride cymbal

Zildjian Planet Z

Zildjian Planet Z Specifications:

 Sizes and Purpose:

  • Quantity: Set
  • Type: Hi-hats/crash/ride
  • Sizes (in): 14/16/20

Zildjian Planet Z Construction:

  • Material: Cast alloy
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: Full
  • Cymbal Weight: Medium
  • Bell: Standard

Zildjian Planet Z



Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set Cymbal Pack:

Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set Cymbal Pack
cymbal drum set Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set Cymbal Pack Classics Custom cymbals from MEINL are designed to cut above the roar of guitars, doing most of the work for you so you are doing not got to play as hard to be heard. MEINL utilizes a B10 bronze alloy to make these cymbals pack a loud and bright punch with rich musical tones. Included during this set are a 14 in. dark hi-hat pair, an 18 in. dark crash, and a 20 in. dark ride with a bonus FREE 16 in. brilliant trash crash and FREE Ching Ring.

Classics Custom Dark cymbal drum sets undergo a special finishing process that leaves the cymbals with dark, complex, and warm tones alongside the clarity and cut that Classics Custom is known to deliver. Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set Cymbal Pack This same unique twist on the normal design gives the cymbals an upscale, dark appearance. The hi-hats have a bright attack with a smooth, earthy “slosh” and crisp “chick”. The 18 in. crash has an instantaneous punch response with a posh sustain. The ride provides the classic cutting ping with warm overtones and a musical bell that cuts with clarity.

Included for free of charge is that  Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set cymbals pack Pack Classics Custom brilliant 16 in. trash crash. This cymbal is great for adding different flavors to your sound and also works as an impressive cymbal stacker. Crash the cymbal for the wall of sound or stack it on top of another cymbal for a singular trash effect. The set also comes with a FREE Ching Ring! Place the Meinl Ching Ring on any hi-hat, crash cymbal, effects cymbal, or cymbal stack to blend a replacement dynamic into your playing

Features of Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set Cymbal:

Sizes and Purpose:

  • Quantity: 5
  • Type: Hi-Hats/Crash/Ride/Effects
  • Sizes (in): Multiple



  • Material: Bronze
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: Info not available
  • Cymbal Weight: Medium
  • Bell: Standard

Meinl Classics Custom Dark Set Cymbal Pack


Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. Crash:

Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. CrashThis cymbal drum set Meinl HCS Ultimate Cymbal Set comes with a good palette of cymbal tones during a convenient, affordable, one-stop solution. Whether you’re new to the drums and still learning each purpose, or just trying to find a convenient, affordable choice to dress your unused stands, the 9-piece Ultimate Set delivers. You get the standard suspects — 14″ hats and a 20″ ride plus three distinct reminder crashes a trash crash and china for quick accents and metal breakdowns. Meinl HCS are mellow, harmonically rich, and available to all or any artists at real-world prices.


About Meinl HCS cymbals pack:

If you’re within the marketplace for an entire, complementary solution at a reasonable price, Sweetwater drummers recommend looking into the cymbals pack Meinl HCS Ultimate set. HCS series are crafted in Germany from durable MS63 brass alloy, which retains its shape and tonal qualities over time, even while subjected to daily abuse and adverse climate conditions.


Meinl HCS Ultimate Cymbals pack Set Features:


  • A convenient, affordable, complete 9-piece solution
  • A better-known smart alternative budget cymbals
  • Excellent for beginners and absolutely the budget-conscious
  • Made with MS63 brass alloy which is extremely durable
  • Even played wide open, 14″ hi-hats are velvety and mellow smooth,
  • Medium wash, and cutting bell tone & 20″ ride sports a clean attack,
  • provide many colors for punching accents 14″, 16″, and 18″ crashes
  • Decorating soft passages 8″ bell and 10″ splash
  • 16″ Trash Crash and 14″ china have a quick, aggressive bite

Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. Crash

Tech Specs

  • Series: HCS Ultimate Pack
  • Ride:HCS20R 20″ Ride
  • Crash 1: HCS14C 14″ Crash
  • Crash 2: HCS16C 16″ Crash
  • Crash 3:HCS18C 18″ Crash
  • Hi-Hats: HCS14H 14″ Hi-hats
  • Material: MS63 Brass Alloy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HCS-SCS1


Zildjian K Sweet Crash 20 in.:


The Zildjian K Sweet Collection extends the long-lasting K Family into a replacement direction of tonal colors that are dark, sweet, and responsive. K Sweet Crashes are extra thin in weight with an unlathed bell and have the normal K-style hammering technique that helps to deliver a darker sound with a quick attack and great response.

Zildjian K Sweet


  • A beautiful addition comes to the K family
  • Darker, Powerful sweeter tone than standard K cymbals fast attack yet the dynamic response
  • Different sizes available


Zildjian K Sweet Specifications:


Sizes and Purpose:

  • Quantity: 1
  • Type: Crash
  • Sizes (in): Multiple

cymbals pack


  • Material: Cast alloy
  • Hammering: Machine
  • Lathing: Partial
  • Cymbal Weight: Thin
  • Bell: Standard


These 4 best cymbals pack come under 600 dollars. So if you are looking for a cymbal drum set under 550/600 dollars these 5 best snare drums could be a great option for you…

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