Easy Way To Play F# Minor Chord on Guitar 2021

Easy Way To Play F# Minor Chord on Guitar 2021

Figure out how to play the F# minor (F#m) chord on the guitar and begin learning your main tunes. check out the F# minor guitar chord outlines to develop your abilities.

How to Play an F# Minor (F#m) Chord?

The F# minor chord is a staple in numerous exemplary tunes. You’ll regularly see this chord composed as F#m with the “#” designating “sharp” and the “m” specifying “minor.” 

The F# minor chord gets dramatization and profundity to tunes the keys of E major, A major, and D major. A few forms of this chord can be interesting, however, in this guide, we’ll show you how to play a straightforward variant that is receptive to beginners. It’s an extraordinary method to get to know F# minor without having to barre each of the six strings on the guitar. When you become acclimated to this worked-on rendition, you can continue on to seriously testing chord developments. 

A sharp raises the pitch of a note by a half advance. Consequently, F# is one half-venture higher than F. What’s more, similarly that you can raise a note with a sharp, you can likewise utilize a level (signified with the ♭ image or a lowercase “b”) to bring down a note by a half advance. By these standards of music hypothesis, F# is equivalent to Gb. It’s a similar note, written in two distinctive ways. So when you gain proficiency with the F#m chord, you’ll have additionally learned Gbm. 

How Do You Play an F# Minor Chord on Guitar

The F#m chord is comprised of three notes: 

  • F# 
  • C# 

The F# note is the root note, the A note is the brought down or level third, and the C# note is the fifth span. This equation for minor chords (1,♭3, and 5) delivers a despairing sound, especially when diverged from a significant chord. 

F Sharp Minor Chord on Guitar: second Position (v1):

Since you comprehend which notes make up the F# minor chord, it’s an ideal opportunity to play it. 

There are numerous approaches to play an F# minor chord on the guitar, however, we’ll begin by figuring out how to play a straightforward rendition in the subsequent position. 

Start by setting your ring finger (a.k.a. third finger) on the fourth fret of the fourth string. Then, at that point, barre your forefinger over the course of the second fret of the three most elevated strings (first, second, and third). Keep in mind: to barre intends to utilize one finger—typically your forefinger—to push down different strings immediately on a solitary fret. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of that finger situation: 

  • Index finger: second fret of the G (third) string. 
  • Index finger: second fret of the B (second) string.
  • Index finger: second fret of the E (first) string.
  • Ring finger: fourth fret of the D (fourth) string. 

When your fingers are set up, play four strings down from the D (fourth) string and you’ll hear a high, sensitive variant of F# minor. Try not to play the two most reduced strings (E and An in standard tuning). 

Here’s a chord graph to help you play this rendition of the F#m chord: 


Easy Way To Play F# Minor Chord on Guitar 2021

Some Quick F# minor Chord Theory:

  • The F sharp minor chord contains the notes F#, An, and C#.
  • The F#m chord is delivered by playing the first (root), level third, and fifth notes of the F# Major scale.
  • The F# minor chord (actually like every minor chord) contains the accompanying stretches (from the root note): minor third, Major third, Perfect fourth (back to the root note).
  • F# minor is the overall minor of A Major.
  • F# minor is the principal chord in the key of F sharp minor. The seven chords in the key of F# minor are F#m, G# reduced, A+, Bm, C#, D, E# decreased.

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