Excellence way to play the Am7 guitar chord

The Am7 guitar chord (A minor 7) is an Am chord (A – C – E) with the flat 7 of the serious scale included (G).

The m7 chord generally may be a quite common and popular chord. alongside the main 7 and Dominant 7 chords, the m7 chord is altogether |one amongst one in every of one among the foremost common 7th chords in all of music.

The Am7 guitar chord is especially common, partly because it’s included in other popular keys. for instance, within the key of C, Am7 is that the relative minor chord. within the key of G, Am7 is that the ii (2) chord.


Playing the Am7 guitar Chord

If you already skills to play an Am chord, then playing the Am7 guitar chord is going to be easy! consider the Am7 chord as simplified thanks to playing the A minor chord — with a twist. Both are played in Standard Open E tuning and use many equivalent notes, with one notable exception.

Its structure changes just one note, but that note features a big impact on the tonal quality of the chord. The A minor chord uses the pattern of A, E, B, C, E, while the Am7 guitar chord is often unraveled with A, E, G, C, E forming the chord.

To play the Am7, start by placing your 1 (index) finger on the 1 fret of your B string (your 2 string). From there, slide your 2 (mid) fingers onto the 2 frets of the D string — which is your 3 string.

– Index finger: first fret of the B (second) string
– Middle finger: second fret of the D (fourth) string.

Am7 guitar chord
            Am7 guitar chord

Play 5 strings down from the A string


Another Way to Play the Am7 guitar Chord

You can also slide up the neck to play the Am7 chord within the 5th position by employing a barre chord.

  • Index finger: fifth fret of the low E (6th) string
  • Index finger: fifth fret of the D (4) string
  • Index finger: fifth fret of the G (third) string
  • Index finger: fifth fret of the B (second) string
  • Index finger: fifth fret of the E (first) string
  • Ring Finger: Seventh fret of the A (fifth) string
Am7 guitar chord
                  Am7 guitar chord

Strum 6 strings down from the down E string.

Am7 Guitar Chord in an Open Position

Even though there are not any flats within the Am7 chord, the notes blend together to make a serious-sounding chord. The A Minor 7 includes the subsequent notes:

A, E, G, C, E

To play the Am7 guitar chord, strike each of your strings except the down E (6 string).


Some Quick Theory


  • The Am7 guitar chord contains the notes A, C, E, and G.
  • The Am7 chord is produced by playing the first (root), flat 3rd, 5th, and flat 7th of the serious scale.
  • The Am7 guitar chord (just like all m7 chords) contains the subsequent intervals (from the basis note): minor third, Major 3rd, minor 3rd, Major second (back to the basis note).
  • Am7 is an Am chord, with the flat seventh (G) included.
  • The open Am7 chord is employed tons in pop.


What is an Am7 Guitar Chord?

An Am7 chord may be a more sophisticated version of a daily A minor guitar chord.

A daily Am guitar chord uses the subsequent notes:

  • Root – A.
  • M third – C.
  • Perfect 5th – E.

Whereas an Am7 chord has an additional note. The notes in an Am7 guitar chord are:

  • Root – A.
  • Minor third – C.
  • Perfect 5th – E.
  • Flattened seventh – G.

It’s the G note during this chord that provides the Am7 chord its flavor.


Bonus Tip!

Minor 7 chords are often written in a bunch of various ways. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Am7. (The small ‘m’ stands for ‘minor’.)
  • A minor 7.
  • A – 7. (In this case the – stands for the minor. consider it like this, the sign = ‘minor’.)
  • Am7 chord.

All of those are perfectly valid ways to write down a minor 7 chord. However, in today’s lesson, we’re getting to ask the Am7 chord because of the ‘Am7 chord’.


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