Best free recording software 2021

Best free recording software 2021

This article contains the best free recording software for PC and Mac. For more audio software, come back to the free VST plugging.

Allows you to record audio using your laptop or desktop computer. Whether you want to quickly capture a music concept, save an audio journal entry, or record a podcast, there is no need to spend money on expensive software.


This is the best free recording software:

  1. Audacity
  2. Garage Band
  3.  Studio One Prime
  4.  Pro Tools First
  5.  Cakewalk by Band Lab



The scarcity probably comes in the case of the most widely used proposed audio recording application, at least in the case of freeware. Despite its indomitable appearance, Audacity offers plenty of audio recording and editing features, as well as some advanced functionality that you won’t find in any other recording software.

Best free recording software 2021

In Audacity, the workflow of audio recording is as simple as that. Turn on the software, select the input device, start recording. Get over here to get it over here.

Once the audio is captured, you can edit the recording, cut the waveform, or apply effects like issue and compression. Audacity also supports VST plugging, so you can use any third-party effect

Basic multitasking functionality is available, but don’t expect too much from Audacity in this case. You can record a part of the guitar, say, and then record your vocals on a different track. We recommend using a suitable digital audio workstation for anything more advanced than this.


2. GarageBand

Garage band is a free audio recording and mixing program that is pre-installed on every Mac computer. The free recording software that comes with your computer is generally considered “not so big” but this is not the case with garage bands.

For the perfect newcomer, a garage band is much more intuitive than anything like Audacity. The interface design is user-friendly, and after launching the program for the first time, you are likely to feel right at home.

Best free recording software 2021

Most importantly, the recording workflow is intuitive and there is no menu diving or disturbance with straightforward advanced settings. Set up an audio source on your Mac Book and start recording.

Strictly speaking, garage bands can actually do a lot more than just record audio.

Apple’s free recording software brings many effects, virtual instruments, and audio loops to help new users get started. If you are interested in making music on the computer, a Garage band is a great place to start your adventure.


3. Studio One Prime

The free version of the Studio One5 digital audio workstation built by Studio One Prime Prison. The best free recording software to work with audio tracks.

With Studio One Prime you can capture audio recordings at once or record multiple audio sources at once. The next technique is known as multitasking recording or multitasking. You will need an audio interface with multiple audio inputs for this to work.

Best free recording software 2021

But why do you want to record multiple audio tracks?

Suppose you are recording an interview for a podcast. In such a scenario, it is always best to use one or two microphones for each person. This way, you can adjust the volume, EQ, and compression for each microphone at the mixing stage, resulting in a more balanced-sounding podcast.

Another common example would be a singer/songwriter who is recording their voice and a guitar track. If the two are recorded separately, it is easier to further polish the sound of the final result through some post-processing.


4. Pro Tools First

Pro Tools is another free program for the first audio recording. It is a free version of Pro Tools, the industry-standard software for multitasks recording, mixing, and mastering.

Much like Studio One Prime, the free version of Pro Tools comes with some limitations. You can only record 16 audio tracks and use four audio inputs simultaneously. The free version of Pro Tools has 23 audio effects compared to the flagship version 115.

Best free recording software 2021

Still, Pro Tools First is more than just handling a variety of audio recordings. It shines as free recording software for podcasts, multimedia projects, interviews, music demos, and many more.

The most supported audio quality is slightly lower than what you get with Studio One Prime. Pro devices can handle up to 32-bit / 96 kHz audio. Of course, it will also depend on the recording capabilities of your audio hardware.

In short, if you want a taste of the free recording software used by professionals, Pro Tools is a great place to try it first. Check out the free version and decide if the upgrade suits your hard-earned cash.


5. Cakewalk by Band Lab

Cakewalk by Band lab is the most advanced free recording software on this list. It does everything you would expect from a modern digital audio workstation. You can use Cakewalk by Band Camp to record, edit, mix, and even master you’re audio.

Because of the complexity, Keck walk by Band lab is not an audio recording program that we would recommend to a perfect beginner. On the other hand, if you want to develop audio recording and production skills, it is a good idea to start learning with more efficient software.

Best free recording software 2021

Cakewalk by Band lab was based on the old gold platinum DAW, which was used as a workstation for the very popular audio production. Band lab acquired Cakewalk and Gold brands from Gibson and relaunched the program back in 2018 as free recording software.

The result is Cakewalk by Band lab, a  free recording software program and music production equipment that continues the legacy of its famous predecessor.

The free recording software comes with a wide selection of different effects, including several premium-quality compressors and repeaters. Keck walk can also load VST plugging, so you can expand the included FX collection with other developers’ third-party audio effects.

The ability to load VST plugging is one of the main features that set the cakewalk by Band lab without other free DAWs like Studio One Prime and Pro Tools First. Another similar application is Waveform Free Traction.


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