how to create a Virtual DJ

how to create a Virtual DJ

Now we’re going to review some basic stuff about eq’ing virtual Dj and special effects that you can do really, just elevate your mix and manipulate the music a bit more sowed went over this earlier, but each mixer has each channel and on each channel, we have always no matter what kind of mixture. You’re on there’s going to be some eq knobs so we always have our high our mid and our low for eq now eq is basically going to control what frequencies we hear in each song that is playing so the lows are going to be your bass.

how to create a Virtual DJ Drum things you hear lower in your hips, lower in your body kick drums, bass drum, bass lines, bass, synths anything that’s just, like a heavier vibration you feel it deeper and it’s usually what you’re kind of like dancing to and what’s moving your body. The midst is going to mostly control vocals, guitars, pianos things that are like the main melodic bits of a song, and then your highs are going to control the higher frequency. Things like claps snap anything that you hear kind of up here if you ever forget it’s like I’ve said so many times things are really about your body you can hear these sounds in your body and the way you feel them soothe highs you will feel them up here a bit more. So when we’re mixing the way that icing comes into play as we have two songs each song has an awhile spectrum of sounds and those sounds fill up the lows and the middle and the highs of what we hear so if we have two songs. That both have this full sound going omit’s a lot of information for our ears to process and it’s just a lot of frequencies, flying around and it can sound muddy it can just sound intense and then you’re also kind of like washing out certain sounds and songs that maybe you want to highlight bits using eq’ingand we can eliminator boost or lower the different frequencies of each song as we’re transitioning so that way maybe wants to pull the bass out of one song. that the bass of my new song can shine through a bit and that gives me a nice interesting mixer a cleaner mix you can get creative with it.

how to create a Virtual DJhow to create a Virtual DJ But it’s really, really nice to utilize when mixing any song so I’m going to play a song real quicksand I’m going to go through the highs, mids, and lows by boosting them all the way and then cutting them so that you can hear. the difference of what happens with each eqknob so there you can see it makes a really big difference to use eqknob sat all for any song and if it helps to think of each song as a grid that has all the space taken up like a map and we’re just kind of subtracting from here on one song and adding from here on another song just to fill that space that our ears can pick up most mixers and do software’s will also have an option for high and low pass filters, these are the most common to use and they’re really helpful when you’re mixing in general whether you want to have a cleaner mix whether you want to do something that just sounds a little different we have a high pass and a low pass filter now this one is really conveniently placed on each channel of this pioneer mixer sometimes it’ll be in a separate area where you have to direct it to the channel but for the most part, you can find it.

how to create a Virtual DJ Somewhere on mixers basically what it’s going to do is the high pass is going to sweep away all of. The sounds that Argentine the high-frequency range and the low pass is going to sweep away everything that’s not in the low ranges it’s kind of like doing the eq but a bit more simplified and on a more dramatic scale. so there you can see by using the highland low pass knob you can really get some fun and dramatic kind of effects or use it to mix and sweep in and out of sounds a bit more fun and cleaner so some other really common effects to use when you’re dingier echoes and reverbs so those do a few different things, we all kind of know what an echo does it just takes a tiny chunk of a song or sound and it repeats it and as it repeats it’s just kind of drifting offs reverb basically mimics the sound of space so sometimes when we’re mixing in something we want to just have this like loud kind of swell or like this openness that sounds like the sound is being heard in the middle of a hall so it’s not quite an echo where there’s a repeating of a certain sound but it’s just this like big open space that happens around that sound so this comes in really handy because sometimes you want to add a little something more to a mix as you’re pulling out of a

how to create a Virtual DJ song or give a fun effect in the middle of along playing but also it’s really help full when you’re kind of in a tight spot and you need to mix out of a song or quickly drop into something and you maybe like the song’s ending and you don’t have enough time to mix it because you were too busy paying attention to something else or jumping on a table whatever you weredoingit’s really a nice like plan to be make it seem like you were supposed to do that and things were meant to be that ways what i like to do is crank up. Cheech and pull out of a sound and slowly fade out or do the same with reverb so what’s really cool about these mixers actually these filter knobs on each channel they have a nice little mini effect hub over here that you can assign to each of these knobs there’s also this whole effects section over here, that you can get really specific about what type of echo you get or how many beats the echo goes on furor what chunk of the song it takes like you can get really specific in there also taking the frequencies as you can really go to town over here but just for the sake of simplifying it we’re going to stick without really basic effects here and we’re gonna do an echo so what’s really cool with the echo is even if you pull out of the sound.

how to create a Virtual DJ you pull the volume away from the track you’re playing the echo still goes on for you so say you are cutting out of a track or mixing out and you just wanted to kind of have smoothed over effect to your mix out having a little echo on the end there makes it so that it’s not a sharp cut from the song a to song bit’s just got this little like trail sprinkling behind and now we’re

Going to do the same with reverb So what’s really cool is we have the option here to get a high-frequency reverb or a low frequency same with the echo same with all the filters we can crank it up and really highlight those higher or lower frequencies while we get that effect which is really fun now I’m going to do an example of mixing two songs using my eel and I’m going to use some echo for now just to switch out and you can hear the difference it makes versus doing a really clean sharp cut so now I’m going to do the same thing using some eel and a bit of reverb. So we went over basic eel which really helps you get a nice clean mix, but we also went over some basic effects things you can practice and really customize to make each mix your own and come up with your own style to transition between songs.

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