F#m Chord

how to Play simple F#m Chord for novice 2021

The F#m chord pits a way of gloom and resentment against the urge to fight those negative feelings. This quarreling tonality makes it one among the foremost passionate-sounding chords to play.

The F#m chord may pack enough emotional punch to form you are feeling like tearing your hair out, but it packs enough complexity to form you fight the sensation of mounting discontent. Let’s take a glance at some alternative ways you’ll play an Fm chord and a few songs that include this chord.

What Is the F#m Guitar Chord?

F Sharp Minor, or F#m chord, may be a popular note in many classic songs. The “#” represents the word “sharp,” and therefore the “m” denotes “minor.” you’ll also find this chord written as “F# minor” or “F# minor chord.”

F#m chord contains 3 notes: F#, A, and C#.

F# is that the root note, A is that the flat or lowered third, and C# is that the fifth interval. Played together, these notes make the special sound that characterizes F#m chord.


Easiest Method For The Chord

We will first cover the simplest thanks to playing the F sharp minor guitar chord. you’ll place three fingers at the second fret, and you won’t need to barre the strings. You set your 1st finger at the 6th (E) string. The second finger goes on the fourth (D) string and therefore the third finger on the third (G) string. The primary, second, and fifth strings stay open.

F#m Chord

F#m is somewhat almost like an open position a serious, one among the simplest chords for beginners to find out. It works well for beginners because you are doing not need to skip any strings when playing.


 3 Finger F#m

For the start guitarist just learning, learning to play this chord proves invaluable. it’ll build finger dexterity and only requires three fingers.

F#m Chord
F#m chord with only 3 fingers used and 3strings played (above)

You place your annualry at the eleventh fret of the third (G) string. Your finger goes on the tenth fret of the second (B) string. Lastly, your index touches the ninth fret of the primary (high E) string. You play from the third (G) string.


4 Finger F#m

For the halfway guitarist who needs a full-bodied chord, think about learning this form of F#m chord.

F#m Chord

Your annualry goes on the seventh fret of the fourth (D) string, and your finger touches the sixth fret of the third (G) string. You place your pinky finger on the seventh fret of the second (2nd) (B) string. Lastly, you set your index on the fifth fret of the primary (high E) string.


Second Position F Sharp Minor Guitar Chord

Another approach to play F#m includes notwithstanding your list.

F#m Chord

You put your forefinger on the second fret of the third to the main strings (G, B, and E). Then, at that point, place your ring finger on the fourth fret of the fourth (D) string. To play the chord, you play four strings down from the fourth (D) string for a fragile version of F#m chord. Try not to play the most reduced two strings.

While skipping strings isn’t the most straightforward for amateurs, relax! There are still tons you can do on the guitar in any event, when you’re initially beginning. Expert your basics like playing the simple harmonies, holding your pick appropriately (and, truly, holding the genuine guitar appropriately, as well), prior to stressing over some further developed chord!


Em Barre Shape

This technique for playing F#m looks like the E minor guitar harmony shape, giving it the name “Em Barre Shape.” Its root note lies on the low E (6th) string.

F#m Chord

To play it, barre your index over all of the strings on the second fret. Place the annualry on the fourth fret of the fifth (A) string. Then, place your pinky finger on the fourth fret of the fourth (D) string.

Before barring, confirm you understand guitar notes and their basics to make sure you readiness for more advanced techniques.

Maybe try another chord with a barre, like C minor, before trying this more advanced barre.


Am Barre Shape

The final technique to play the F Sharp Minor guitar chord comes from the A Minor chord. It uses the Am shape to supply the F#m sound.

F#m Chord

To play this barre chord, place your index at the ninth fret and barre it from the fifth, or A, string to the primary string, or high E. Place your annualry at the eleventh fret of the fourth (D) string and your pinky finger at the eleventh fret of the third (G) string. Lastly, you’ll put your finger at the second (B) string’s tenth fret. trying to find another barre chord? Attempt the troublesome Eb guitar chord, as well.


What Notes structure the F#m Chord?

The F#m chord consists of a triad of notes that blend together to offer it its plaintive, wailing sound. These notes include:

F, Ab, and C

When played together, these three notes ultimately resonate like a guitar chord that also strikes an emotional chord.


Some Quick Theory


  • The F minor chord contains the notes F, Ab, and C.
  • The F minor chord is produced by playing the first (root), flat 3rd, and 5th notes of the F major diatonic scale.
  • The F minor chord (just like all minor chords) contains the subsequent intervals (from the basis note): minor 3rd, Major 3rd, Perfect 4th (back to the basis note).
  • F minor is that the relative minor of Ab Major.
  • Fm is that the first chord within the key of F minor. The seven chords within the key of F minor are: Fm, G diminished, Ab+, Bbm, C, Db, E diminished.


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