The Best Intelligent lighting controls 2021

The Best Intelligent lighting control 2021

Technician’s Intelligent lighting control has multiple technical solutions and features that automatically control various parameters for lighting such as light intensity and color temperature. These are made up of active dimming, light color temperature, and RGB control systems that guarantee our clients a variety of moods with cost-effective, reliable, and pleasant interior lighting.

Our TCN (Train Communication Network) controllable Intelligent lighting control connects the Intelligent Light Controller (ILC) to the Train Control and Management System (TCMS). Light and its condition information can be shared between ILC and TCMS. Car interior lighting can also be conveniently controlled from TCMS


What is Intelligent Lighting Control?

First things first, if we don’t mention that we’re using the terms “Intelligent lighting control” and “smart lighting” interchangeably throughout this article, then remember that they’re both referring to the same thing.

But what exactly is it?

In the most basic sense, Intelligent lighting control uses an interconnected series of lights and intuitive controls that control everything from each individual light concentration to its color temperature and even turn on the light at the right time.

This enables homeowners to enjoy complete freedom to choose exactly what their property looks like at a given moment, which benefits the entire benefit.


Active Dimming System

The Best Intelligent lighting controls 2021

The control unit for active dimming is an Intelligent lighting control that uses sensors to adjust the internal lighting of the vehicle based on the external lighting conditions. The control unit can be set to the minimum lighting requirements, in which case the optimal use of lights provides the desired illumination level, with minimal power consumption. This significantly reduces the life cycle cost of light. Active dimming of both LED and fluorescent works with Techener’s electronic unit.


Light Colour Temperature Control

The Best Intelligent lighting controls 2021

This Intelligent lighting control improves travel comfort by adjusting the color temperature of the interior light. Different tones of light have a significant biological effect on human activities and feelings. On a hot summer day, a cool white light creates a feeling of a cool environment, while a light white light creates a feeling of warmth. Color temperature adjustment ranges are available all the way from 3000 Kelvin (warm white) to 5000 Kelvin (cold white) and 7000 Kelvin. The use of different color temperatures in the case of illumination makes a considerable difference in the appearance of the interior of the whole car.


RGB-LED Lighting

The Best Intelligent lighting controls 2021

Different tones of RGB-LED lights can achieve attractive effects or they can change the required lighting environment. In an RGB-LED Intelligent lighting control, the red, green, and blue light emitted components are all in one LED. The brightness of the elements can be adjusted individually, making it possible to create almost all color tones. RGB-LEDs enable passenger direction using red and green lights for door indicators.


Advantages of advanced lighting control systems

Advanced lighting control systems save significant costs compared to conventional lighting control. They provide the extra granularity of control to ensure they can save energy and adapt to all spaces and even all luminaries in the vicinity of visual performance. Control and fine detail control and optimized energy saving can be achieved through the implementation of six basic lighting control strategies:


  • Time / Astronomy Schedule: Light is turned on or off in a defined area based on a predefined, customizable schedule.
  • Occupancy / Vacancy Control: Lighting is turned on or off on the basis of identified occupations. Users with the vacuum control must turn on the lights manually, but the lights turn off automatically when there is no space.
  • Daylight Collection: Electric light levels are automatically adjusted to account for the natural sunlight of space. Suitable lighting levels are maintained for functional purposes and total illumination is maintained evenly throughout the space.
  • Function tuning: The maximum light level is determined for specific use or function in a particular room to prevent over lighting.
  • Personal control: Individuals can create their own personal preferences in the light of the workplace through a GUI on their computer.
  • Load shedding (or demand response): Light control can contribute to a build-wide effort to reduce demand. Lighting is off or dimmed in pre-determined areas according to peak demand.


Tcn Controllable Lighting System

For the transportation market, Tanker has created a real-time intelligent TCN controllable lighting system. And the use of industry standards enables the Intelligent lighting control to be used independently or to integrate the system to work with other devices supporting the architecture. This system provides control and/or diagnostics from internal lighting. The advantages of this Intelligent lighting control are its reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness. At the same time, it gives user-friendliness and more freedom to designers.


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