The best iRigHD 2 Review in Guitar Interface

The best iRig HD 2 Review in Guitar Interface

I went ahead and bought myself an iRig HD 2  the other day. The plan for this was to be able to put some simple and noodles on top of the guitar without the need to pull my paddle and amp up the stairs, which is simply not practical.

The best iRig HD 2 Review in Guitar Interface

You hear me noodling on this Yamaha RGX as you read my thoughts on this piece of gear. It’s not the clearest isolation, but I put it in with the Garageband in about an hour and it’s fine for 3 unaltered parts on the go.


My first impression wasn’t the greatest

From what I read on the internet and on the IK Multimedia website, all you have to do is plug a guitar into the iRig HD 2 and plug the iRig HD 2 into the iPad and that’s it.

It’s not quite the way it works, which kind of frustrated me, but it still works pretty well. One of the things I missed in the description and review I read before buying it was that you either need to use an amp or external speaker, or you need to wear headphones.

The best iRig HD 2 Review in Guitar Interface

So basically, if there are no other speakers, it won’t play any sound on the iPad. I thought it was really a stupid design and it’s not IKM’s, it’s Apple’s stupid design. This disables the iPad’s speakers whenever an audio device is plugged into the iPad. I’ve found that you want to have good sound quality when recording audio and dealing with it but sometimes you just want to jam the couch and not tangle all over the whole place.

Troubleshooting, forum search, and finally an email to IKM’s help desk that they told me that’s how the iPad was designed. Not the end of the world, but still a big piss off because the whole reason I bought it is that all I can do now is do at least one extra cord without attaching it to me.

Okay, I’ll stop shaking about something wrong with the device and what’s great about the whole thing.



First of all, this thing is really affordable and there are a few different versions to suit your budget. I think the cheapest is the regular iRig HD 2, which is only about 35 35. The iRig HD 2, which I got, cost me about 120 120 ($ 150 CAD).

If you think about what happens, it’s really stealing. It comes with Amplitube 4 for PC and Mac which is 150. Right now, it’s cheaper to buy an iRig HD 2 than to buy an amplitude on your own. It comes with Amplitube Custom Shop, Sampletank Custom Shop, Tracks 5 Custom Shop, and Tracks Custom Shop for PC and Mac. And on top of that, it comes with Amplitube for iPad / iPad which costs a further $ 30. I haven’t tried any plugins on my PC yet, but I’ve tried Tracks and SampleTank in the past and they’re great cool plugins for recording. I’m sure I’ll use some of these.

From prompts for microphones to stump boxes for live control of your amps, there are many more iRig HD 2 interfaces available for your phone’s broadcast mounts to use the camera. There is something for every level and budget.


Small and adjustable with high-quality sound.

It’s small enough for my Gibson to fit into the small buggy of the hard case, so it’s great. All you need to do is plug in the Power iPad.

The gain is adjustable right next to the iRig HD 2 so you can get a perfect level for recording. There is also headphone volume as well. And, there’s an FX bypass switch on the side. This allows you to get a clear sound sent to the amplifier, or use the FX chain from the amplifier.

And it looks really good. I haven’t tried to draw it up to my amp yet, but the reviews are great in that case. It had a great headphone amp that actually works on the iPad. So far it has been quite impressive.


Features at a glance

  •          Here is a list of features of iRig HD 2 from the IKM site.
  •          High Definition Digital Guitar Interface for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC
  •          High-quality material level 1/4 “high-Z input jack
  •          Includes separable cables for lightning and USB
  •          Pre-input gain control Pre
  •          Headphone output with preamp and level control
  •          Amp out jack with 1/4 “switchable output” FX “and” through “
  •          High-quality low-sound, high-definition guitar preamp
  •          High-quality 24-bit A / D conversion
  •          96kHz Sampling Rate – Highest in its class
  •          Powered by iOS device or USB
  •          Line level signals from synthesizers, keyboards, and mixers can be used
  •          Ultra-compact and lightweight – fits in your pocket, laptop bag, or gig bag
  •          The microphone stand comes with mounting clips and velcro strips
  •          Comes with Amplitube 4 for Mac / PC
  •          Unlocks the full version features and gear of Amplitube for iOS (free download from the App Store)



The main reason for getting iRig HD 2 was to use it with a garage band. It works great and with the exception of the iPad speaker issue, all I need is to record my guitar on the iPad. This program, which used to be like $ 10 but is now free, is a kind of product like IPM that should try to inform Amplutube. It’s a great app for constantly adding words and instruments for free and getting your ideas down quickly. It certainly won’t replace PCs or Mac DAWs like Protools, FruitLips, or Ripper, and I wouldn’t expect that. However, it is very quick to record your ideas or play with session drummers and perhaps make a new reef intelligent by choosing one or two.


I put this first song together in an hour. This includes learning how to use the garage band more deeply than playing with a drum machine. I hope the iPad version had some more features and maybe there are, I still haven’t figured out how to do it. I basically hope there was no way to fade the tracks in and out without automatically automating the volume of the whole track. And one other thing, I wish there were ways to record multiple records. I know it can be space heavy on an iPad but if it takes up temporarily it can make a huge difference for a guitar player. Being able to play the top part more than once and then taking the best part from each take is a key issue for digital recording. Garageband, to the best of my knowledge right now, won’t let you do it without a new track for each take.

I also noticed the feature of connecting multiple users together via Bluetooth. It’s great to try with someone else who has an iPhone / iPad. It may not work on their real instruments or otherwise because it has lots of virtual instruments, you can just create a great recording with multiple people from those instruments.

It’s a great simple, great handy app that makes iRig HD 2 open to my guitar. It would be great when traveling or if I need to give a quick idea without setting fire to my PC, DAW, guitar pedals, pramps, etc. Just plug in the iRig HD 2 and record wherever I need to.


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