John Mayer sent Mary Spender his Last Train home

John Mayer sent Mary Spender his new single before anyone else got to hear it

The British YouTube star had recently grabbed Mayer’s eye after she kept in touch with her own form of Last Train Home after his speedy fire TikTok bother

Recall when John Mayer delivered a short scrap of his latest single Last Train Home, and Mary Spender felt free to complete it for him, creating a very decent track all the while?

Indeed, for her serious two-day endeavors, the YouTube electric guitar star was remunerated with what must be portrayed as each guitar player’s fantasy: a message from John Mayer himself.

However, there’s additional. In addition to the fact that Mary Spender got an unexpected Instagram voice notice from Mayer, the PRS-employing wizard likewise sent the British artist-musician a first-since forever cut of Last Train Home, which means she had the opportunity to hear it before any other individual.

Mary Spender
Mary Spender

“Hello Mary, this is John. I figured I would send you the whole Last Train Home that you could pay attention to before any other individual will hear it, to perceive how close it went to your adaptation, and on the off chance that you like it or not,” said Mayer. Not an unfortunate message to get in your inbox, huh?

Part of the way through the melody, Mary Spender responded similarly as we envision most of Mayer fans did, just saying, “I’m dumbfounded up until this point.”

Her last response? “That is to say, it’s… it’s… it’s an ideal pop tune,” Spender closes. “Such an ’80s vibe, I love it.”

“Clearly I didn’t get it to spot on, yet that would’ve been inconceivable. I’m satisfied I got the right energy and tone of the melody,” she proceeded. “I will be snared on this melody and the whole collection that is coming out the entire summer.”

“It’s super extraordinary to have new John Mayer music out,” Spender added. So be it to that, Mary Spender.

Mary Spender
John Mayer

Last Train Home, the new single from John Mayer, was officially released last Friday (June 4) following a week of social media teases, which included a glimpse of a hot pink PRS Silver Sky, as well as the retro-flavored cover of his upcoming album, Sob Rock.


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