The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

The Best 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

It is well known that left-handed guitarists tend to be stiffer than regular right-handed models and even when you look for them they always tend to be a bit more expensive than they should be, adding to the humiliation of hurting the minds of many in the South.

Despite this difficulty, there are still many big lemons out there who have become iconic in the world of the guitar by sticking their instrument, and these are the players we are celebrating today.


Jimi Hendrix

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

Of course, we don’t need to know the details. Although his father urged him to learn to play right-handed, Jimmy Hendrix’s left-handed style flipped right-handed Fender Stratocasters, proving to be an iconic tone and appearance that helped limit his status as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

Although he prefers to play left-handed, there are various accounts that Hendrix was also quite adept as an owner and honestly, we don’t put him in the past.


Tony Iommi 

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

Considered the godfather of a heavy metal guitar due to his disruptive play with Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi is another notable southern leg, favoring a Gibson SG because of its ergonomic design and heavy tone.

Even after losing some of his right-hand fingers in a carpentry accident, Yomi refuses to go right-handed style, splitting his SG three semitones to compensate for the loss, and subsequently created one of the most iconic guitar tones in history.


Kurt Cobain

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

Just like his classmate Seattle native Jimmy Hendrix, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain played left-handed guitar despite being a natural right-hander.

Early in his career, Cobain played the Univac guitar that he could easily revisit to his left-hand choice, and later graduated in left-handed fender receipts and playful old offsets he found at various Parma stores.


Albert King

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

Celebrated as one of the most technically skilled blues guitarists of the 1960s, along with Albert King Freddie and Bib King, one of the three kings of the blues, a bad sign LP under his birth in 1967 is still considered the standout of the era.

Albert was left-handed, and played right-handed Flying V, reversing a thousand dropped open-tuning to get his bright blues.


Courtney Barnett

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

With the emergence of the most prominent left-handed Australian player in recent years, Courtney Barnett has sought to favor various electronic fender electronic models during acting and recording and has chosen the left-handed Mattoon model for verbal work.

Occasionally in the past, he has been seen playing flipped right guitar, Barnett has already said that he likes to play standard left-handed guitar and in this day and age when they are easily available, why not you?


Dick Dale

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

An iconic pioneer of electronic guitar and an icon of surf guitar, the late, great Dick Dale is another notable leftist who opted for an inverted right-hand guitar before partnering with Fender and adopting a left-handed Stratocaster.

However, Dell took the unique step of stringing the guitar upside down to help account for his distinctive tone, and he is often seen reaching for the top of the freeboard for nailing the most familiar gypsy statute lines.


Otis Rush 

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

Otis Rush, another notable left-hander who regularly plays the left-handed instrument as one of the Chicago Blues’ dedicators, turned his guitar upside down to achieve a unique guitar tone, with his pink finger curled under Lo E to help position his chosen hand.

Russ was considered a huge influence by British blues pioneers like Eric Clapton and Peter Green and used a distinct guitar style characterized by his long, slow-burning single and intense vibrato.


Barbara Lynn

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

Although she may not be a household name, Barbara Lynn is one of the most revered soul survivors of the 1960s, who won her first single in 19’2 with ‘You’ll Lose Good Things’ and toured as Marvin’s favorite gay, Stevie Wonder. , BB King and Gladys Knight.

Lynn gained a reputation as one of the only female artists of the 60s to write her own songs and play a major instrument, sometimes flipping a fender Stratocaster in a vein similar to Jimmy Hendrix’s, before settling on standard left-handed guitar in recent years.


Mdou Moctar

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

Deep in the Niger’s Saharan Desert, Mdou Moctar is one of the best guitar stories of the twenty-first century, he created the first instruments from old bicycle parts and discovered his music through a Bluetooth song trading network in the Sahara.

The natural left-handed guitarists, Muktar’s guitar style blends elements of contemporary psychedelic and blues style with traditional theatrical touring guitar music elements, many consider him one of the most fascinating players of the modern era.


Malina Moye

The 10 most left-handed guitarists of all time

With the scorching heat of funk, blues, and psychedelic rock, Malina Moy has firmly asserted her position as a true force by creating an underground sensation with her flashy playing and ridiculously funny live shows. The world of guitar.

Muay is best known for rocking left-half surf green Stratocaster with contrasting and painted headstock, making her the first female African American endorsement to join the Fender family.


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