Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. Crash

Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. Crash


Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. CrashThis Meinl HCS Ultimate Cymbal Set comes with a good palette of cymbal tones during a convenient, affordable, one-stop solution. Whether you’re new to the drums and still learning each purpose, or just trying to find a convenient, affordable choice to dress your unused stands, the 9-piece Ultimate Set delivers. You get the standard suspects — 14″ hats and a 20″ ride plus three distinct reminder crashes a trash crash and china for quick accents and metal breakdowns. Meinl HCS are mellow, harmonically rich, and available to all or any artists at real-world prices.


About Meinl HCS cymbals:

If you’re within the marketplace for an entire, complementary solution at a reasonable price, Sweetwater drummers recommend looking into the Meinl HCS Ultimate set. HCS series are crafted in Germany from durable MS63 brass alloy, which retains its shape and tonal qualities over time, even while subjected to daily abuse and adverse climate conditions.


Meinl HCS Ultimate Cymbal Set Features:


  • A convenient, affordable, complete 9-piece solution
  • A better-known smart alternative budget cymbals
  • Excellent for beginners and absolutely the budget-conscious
  • Made with MS63 brass alloy which is extremely durable
  • Even played wide open, 14″ hi-hats are velvety and mellow smooth,
  • Medium wash, and cutting bell tone & 20″ ride sports a clean attack,
  • provide many colors for punching accents 14″, 16″, and 18″ crashes
  • Decorating soft passages 8″ bell and 10″ splash
  • 16″ Trash Crash and 14″ china have a quick, aggressive bite

Meinl Super Cymbal Set with a Free 16 in. Crash

Tech Specs

  • Series: HCS Ultimate Pack
  • Ride:HCS20R 20″ Ride
  • Crash 1 :HCS14C 14″ Crash
  • Crash 2 :HCS16C 16″ Crash
  • Crash 3:HCS18C 18″ Crash
  • Hi-Hats:HCS14H 14″ Hi-hats
  • Material: MS63 Brass Alloy
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HCS-SCS1


These particular cymbals come only at a price of 299.99 dollars!!!

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