Popular Marketing Apps for Real Estate Brokers

As the real estate market becomes more competitive, you want to strengthen your marketing game to become a successful real estate agent. Of course, a huge marketing budget is part of this equation. But what if there was a cheaper, faster, and more intuitive route?

Yes, that’s right. If you know the right solution to take advantage of, you no longer need to spend a fortune on real estate marketing campaigns. So, what are the alternatives? Marketing app.

As technology advances to unprecedented levels, numerous real estate marketing apps have emerged to help you promote your listings, build your brand, and grow your real estate empire even stronger.

The most popular real estate marketing app to become the best real estate agent

At the top of the list, Wise Pelican is a timely solution for the evolving real estate broker. The web-based platform makes it easy to create postcard mailings of various sizes for just 77 cents per postcard. Small rates include unlimited postage for posted orders.

Create a free account and access the site, and you will immediately be immersed in the explosive world of graphic postcard templates. You have the option to choose from hundreds of postcard templates provided or allow Wise Pelican to customize your own.

Plus, a selection of pre-made templates makes it easy to exchange information to give your brand voice. Realtor Postcards are available in jumbo size, high gloss cardstock, and full color for aesthetic professional brand presentations.

To stay connected with your prospects, Wise Pelican boasts integrated mail campaign tracking. This allows you to seamlessly check sent postcards as you navigate the USPS system and receive notifications of delivery.


The Zoom app is an affordable platform that makes it easy to enhance your interactive marketing efforts. The platform is free and allows you to host endless video conferences with up to 100 potential clients or customers.

You can also conveniently schedule meetings with customers on the go by installing the mobile version of the application. Interestingly, you can also share phone screens with customers if you need to demonstrate or clarify important asset details.

Both the Zoom mobile app and desktop app boast integrated versatility that makes customer interactions more effective and personal. Host video conferences, make calls, host live meetings, and chat right from the same platform and device from the app.

Thanks to close interactions with prospects and customers, Zoom essentially helps you strengthen your bond with your leads. This may further strengthen your efforts to solicit future reviews and recommendations. Other powerful features like voicemail, call recording, and call hold makes it easy to retrieve conversations for subsequent sales.

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is an intuitive real estate platform that provides real estate agents with the latest insights, trends, and solutions in the industry. It also provides an interactive way to strengthen connections with customers and prospects.

Whether you’re operating alone or working with a team, the platform offers unique, tailored audience solutions to help you grow your network. As soon as you set up a prominent real estate broker profile on your site, you’ll have access to the vast real estate network that Zillow has to offer.

The secure platform makes it less hassle for interested property buyers to connect once they start searching for a home. And with Zillow Premier Agent’s advertising capabilities, you can connect with buyers in real-time for faster conversions.

Importantly, the platform boasts a rich network of major real estate sites tied together for more informative exploration. This gives you more freedom to reach your target audience faster.

BombBomb – Video Emails and Messages

BombBomb is an intuitive video email and video messaging platform that offers real estate marketers significant ROI potential. It helps build healthier customer relationships and increase your revenue potential.

Faceless, typed text messages with low conversion potential can be replaced with amazing effects with BombBomb. Add a human touch to common marketing emails and messages. This allows the platform to strengthen customer relationships with more personalized messages.

Just record your face or screen and then share it via email, text message, or social media platforms. From there, you can reliably track video performance in real time, including video playback, opened emails, and link clicks.

BombBomb also comes with a trial version before you sign up for a monthly subscription. So, before committing, you can decide whether the platform is right for your real estate business.

Real geek

Real Geeks, an interactive customer relationship management software (CRM), is intuitively geared towards seamless lead generation to help you close more deals. In other words, it is a one-stop real estate sales platform that combines lead generation, CRM, marketing solutions, and lead nurturing.

By fully integrating Real Geeks with your website, you can incrementally add value to your customer relationships. The live activity feed allows you to track real-time activity, such as the exact time leads start engaging with your site. Intuitive CRM also drives follow-up on highly engaged leads for faster conversions.

The game-changing platform also offers automated response tools that increase engagement and conversion while reducing lead response times. Real estate marketing has never been easier!

Mailer Lite – Email Marketing Software for Real Estate Agents

Mailer Lite is results-driven email marketing software for progressive real estate agents. Intuitively integrate a variety of digital marketing tools to expand your audience and revenue faster. Some of the powerful integrated tools are website builders, subscription form generators, and paid newsletter subscriptions.

Armed with Mailer Lite, you can easily and professionally create conversion-focused email campaigns thanks to the built-in drag-and-drop email editor. The platform then allows you to automate campaigns based on intuitive timing and audience targeting.

Next, you can track performance through user dashboards to determine the best lead acquisition approach for your brand. Mailer Lite also offers the highest level of versatility, allowing you to integrate your marketing efforts with other web apps to share information, automate workflows, and enhance the customer experience.


Recently, real estate marketing apps have proven to be useful for prospecting, generating leads, and nurturing prospects. With intuitive CRM tools, the app has become a one-stop shop for forward-looking real estate agents to close more sales. Therefore, they are essential tools.

However, optimizing your returns in a market overflowing with these tools requires careful selection. Fortunately, this list of the most popular tools brings you one step closer to the app that best fits your branding needs. Good luck choosing the best app!

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