Simplest Way to Play the Cm Chord on Guitar | 2021

The Cm chord evokes an expressive, somewhat solemn tone utilized in countless ballads and love songs. Despite it being a reasonable triad to listen to, it is often deceptively difficult to play.

Plenty of guitar students have trouble mastering the Cm chord, but luckily, we’re here to help!


How to Play Cm chord on Guitar

Here, we’re getting to offer you a step-by-step guide on the way to play a Cm chord. It’s a technically complex chord which will be relatively tricky for beginners.

Simplest Way to Play the Cm Chord on Guitar

You’re getting to go to skills to form a barre chord (some examples using F#m here), which involves laying your finger flat across the strings to hit the proper notes. You’ll even have to use all four fingers, which can require quite a little bit of dexterity on your part. This is often also one version of playing C sharp minor, too.

As long as you’ve got the essential techniques down, you ought to be ready to play a flawless Cm chord by following these easy steps:

  • Using the primary finger at the 3rd fret, form a barre from the 5th string all the thanks to the primary.
  • Next, press your second finger down on the 4th fret of the second string.
  • Placing the 3rd finger slightly higher. It should rest on the 5th fret of the 4th string.
  • Finally, drop your 4th finger under the third. Placing it on the 5th fret of the 3rd guitar string.
  • When you strum, hit just the five highest strings.


Other Ways to Play the Cm Chord on Guitar

The Cm chord is often a pain to play, especially for those that are new to the guitar. If you don’t think you’re quite able to tackle the normal C minor chord, there are a few easier versions you’ll try that are ideal for beginners.

Getting Rid of the Barre

For many beginners, the barre is that the biggest obstacle to mastering the chord. By getting obviate it; you’ll make the chord a touch bit simpler without sacrificing any keynotes. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the way to play the C minor chord without the barre:

Simplest Way to Play the Cm Chord on Guitar

  • Take your finger and place it firmly on the primary string, all along the third fret.
  • Then, take the subsequent finger and place it right ahead of the primary. It should be pressing down on the second string at the fourth fret.
  • Finally, take your third and fourth fingers. Place each on the fifth fret of the third string and therefore the fifth fret of the fourth string, respectively.
  • Strum is just the primary four strings.

While you’d possibly not get as full a sound as you would employing a barre, this is often wonderfully acceptable thanks to playing the C minor guitar chord in most circumstances.

Three-Finger Method

If you’re not able to use all four fingers when playing C minor chord, you’ll achieve an equivalent sound with just three fingers:

  • As with the opposite C minor variations, use the primary finger to depress the primary string of the 3rd fret.
  • Placing subsequent finger just above the primary in order that it rests on the second string on the fourth fret.
  • Your third finger should rest on the 5th fret of the 3rd string. Ignore the 5th fret of the fourth string for this variation.
  • Strum is just the primary three strings.

Two-Finger Method

Perhaps the simplest thanks to playing the C minor chord on a guitar is by using just two strings. There are two ways to try to do this:

Simplest Way to Play the Cm Chord on Guitar

  • Placing your finger down on the second string at the primary fret and therefore the second finger at the fourth string of the primary fret.
  • Strum just the second, 3rd, and 4th strings.

No matter which way you select to play, mastering the C minor chord can assist you to bring new depth to your music. It’s a gorgeous, expressive chord that’s made many love ballads into the timeless hits that they’re today.




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