Takamine EF381SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine EF381SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine EF381SC. Today I’m going to tell you about this really cool guitar. It’s an EF 381 SC. It’s a 12 string obviously you can tell, black finish, gorgeous guitar. I think Johnny Cash would have loved to play this guitar. It’s a beautiful guitar come for only a price of 1599.99 $$$.


Body & Neck for Takamine EF381SC:

Takamine EF381SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This particular guitar is really stable for a 12 string, and that’s something that’s not very common about 12 strings. Takamini has a double truss rod at the neck which I’m very aware of and very proud to have in my necks and a very stable neck and something to consider when you are buying a 12 string. The body is a standard dreadnought design with a cutaway that sports a nice, black finish. In terms of tonewood choices. This particular guitar got some features on it which are really need. 


Aside from the facts that look great, it’s got chrome tuners on it. On the back here it’s also got this rounded heel which I really like for the strap button to go on and it’s something that I prefer on a guitar. Takamini went with a rather robust rosewood bridge, quality pins, and a wonderful saddle. On the other end, we have 12 die-casts, high-quality tuning machines that offer rock-solid key retention but also refined tuning. This particular 12 string plays in tune really well. Takamini EF381SC is an acoustic-electric guitar, hence it comes with a built-in preamp. This preamp packs just enough versatility and most importantly, great performance. It’s solid-state as I said. 9-volt battery. It’s got a three-band graphic EQ and it’s also got a volume tuner and a mute switch.


Takamine EF381SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The neat thing about this guitar is it sounds great. just acoustically and it sounds great with a pick up as well. So it’s got a great full sound as any 12 string normally would. This particular it’s got a little bit more punch to it. You got a great sound on the top of the microphone. You got a great sound in pick-up. 12 string guitar stable, great playing guitar, plays in tune, looks great




Takamine EF381SC may not be the cheapest 12 string model out there, but it surely is among the very best. They have pretty much-done everything just right with this guitar. From basic design to performance, build quality and pure sound. It’s a true workhorse meant for professional use. Takamine EF381SC it’s a beautiful guitar that comes for only a price of 1599.99 $$$.

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