The 5 Best Blackstar Amps for Home Use

The 5 Best Blackstar Amps for Home Use

Blackstar amps have created some exceptional amplifiers for the guitar-loving public. With regards to picking their training amps no question, there are numerous magnificent decisions in their index.

And why? Good, excellent tone, extremely versatile, toned features, and ideal for low volume practice.

In this post, we are reviewing the perfect Blackstar amps for home bedroom guitar.


1. Blackstar Amps ID: Core 40 Stereo

ID: Core 40 Stereo amp comes as an excellent solution if you would like something which will get you covered for quiet practice, rehearsals, and jamming needs.

First off, this is often a reasonably simple solid-state amp with some pretty awesome additions thereto.

The 5 Best Blackstar Amps for Home Use

For instance, it’s a stereo device, with two 20-watt channels, meaning that it can offer you more depth with some specific effects and settings. While we’re grinding away, the Blackstar amps are outfitted with a locally available amp modeler and an impacts processor.

The overall control layout makes it pretty simple to use. On the left side of most panels, which is found on the highest of the amp, we have a “voice” switch that basically emulates 6 different amp types.

It covers two clean modes, two overdrive modes, also as two distorted amp presets. Next thereto, we’ve controls for volume, gain, and a single-knob EQ (essentially sort of a tone control).

There’s also a separate section for its onboard effects, allowing you to feature modulation, delay, and reverb. Paired with the amp’s stereo setting, you’ll get some pretty awesome tones.

What’s more, what’s additionally truly invigorating here is that you essentially can make and save presets to call up whenever utilizing an outside footswitch.


  • 2 x 20 watts of power
  • Two 6.5-inch speakers
  • 6 amp models
  • Onboard effects
  • USB connectivity


2. Blackstar Amps Silverline Series

Fusing analog and digital technology are one of guitar amp manufacturers’ main goals.

Blackstar Amps also does an equivalent, and that we can see that with their Silverline amp also. This one comes with a complete 20 watts of power driving it through one 10-inch Celestion speaker.

The 5 Best Blackstar Amps for Home Use

And albeit the amp in fact has only one channel, its element permits numerous alternatives for guitar players.

Just like with the ID: Core 40, we’ve 6 main amp voicings on the Silverline amp. This will even be said for the consequences section which is pretty almost like the previous model also.

Nonetheless, things get intriguing with Silverline’s more definite controls. To begin with, we’ve separate yield volume and input acquire controls.

Up next, the EQ features bass, treble, and ISF knobs. Blackstar amps ISF, or “infinite shape feature,” brings a choice to blend between the absolutely scooped tones and people that are mid-range-heavy.

But the foremost exciting part about Silverline is that the variable tube response feature.

Although a fusion of solid-state and digital technology, you’ll choose from six different digital replicas of ordinary power amp tubes.

This gives not just a more unpredictable and pleasingly more extravagant tone yet additionally some genuine powerful reaction.

Those elements are frequently saved together of the amp’s four “channels” that are gotten to either utilizing the catches on the interface or through an outside footswitch.

In the end, you’ll also connect it to your computer employing a USB connection. This not only allows different tone-shaping and preset options but also how to record music during a real-time setting using any standard DAW.


  • 6 voicing modes
  • 6 power amp tube models
  • ISF control
  • Onboard modulation, delay, and reverb effects
  • USB connection


3. Blackstar Amps SuperFly

SuperFly may be a pretty simple and compact amp. The most intention behind such a model was to possess something strictly for practice sessions.

But apart from home use, it’s perfect for taking it with you on the road, be it a vacation or a tour.

The 5 Best Blackstar Amps for Home Use


Albeit apparently clear, the amp has two separate channels. One component is a combo XLR and 1/4-inch jack, while the inverse has just the quality 1/4-inch jack for guitars.

The second channel is often used for both electric and acoustic guitars. The electrical guitar mode also allows overdrive. However, both channels accompany a further reverb effect.

The Blackstar amps, surprisingly enough, feature a total output power of 12 watts. It drives through two 3-inch speakers, making the amps fairly compact for this power rate. You’ll also use its Bluetooth receiver for backing tracks.


  • 12 watts of power
  • Two 3-inch speakers
  • Two separate channels
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Acoustic guitar mode
  • Onboard reverb and overdrive


4. Blackstar Amps HT5R

In the event that you’re truly into tube-driven amps, we’d recommend Blackstar’s HT5R. It bears one 12AX7 inside the preamp area and one 12BH7 inside the force amp, driving a total of 5 watts of yield power.

This is all amid one simple 12-inch speaker and an emulated cabinet output.

The 5 Best Blackstar Amps for Home Use

Regardless of its somewhat more modest size and yield power, this one is genuinely flexible. It tells the truth and overdriven channel, ace 3-band EQ, an ISF control, reverb, and constriction directly down to 0.5 watts.

What’s more, we’ve voicing switches on each channel that add tightness to the bottom-ends and boost the mids.

The Blackstar Amps can assist you in just about any genre and may even be useful for live gigs. After all, 5 watts is enough for a few smaller shows and a cupboard emulated output will allow you to plug it into a public address system.

But with the attenuation right down to 0.5 watts, you’ll be ready to practice at a really low volume while using its full potential.


  • 5 watts and 0.5 watts power
  • Clean and distorted channels
  • ISF control
  • Emulated cabinet output
  • USB output


5. Blackstar Amps HT20R

HT20R may be a larger version of the HT5R, bringing almost equivalent features and controls, only with more output power.

While the previous example had 5 watts with the choice to tone right down to 0.5 watts, this amp features a total output power of 20 watts, alongside the 2-watt mode also.

The 5 Best Blackstar Amps for Home Use

Of course, the amp is full of two channels, each bearing a voicing switch. This is often also amid a master 3-band EQ and therefore the very useful ISF control that allows you to blend between traditionally American and British amp tones.

The other stuff is additionally there, including the cupboard emulated line out, USB connection, reverb, also as a 12-inch speaker.

The tube configuration is additionally different. The HT20R model accompanies two 12AX7 preamp cylinders and two EL84 power amp tubes.

Although it’s a historically “British” configuration, this amp is additionally capable of delivering those “scooped” and smoother tones.

Overall, this is often a particularly useful amp for little to medium-sized gigs. A decision to tone it directly down to 2 watts will permit you to partake in every one of the great apparent attributes of cylinder amps without being excessively boisterous.


  • 20 watts of power with a two-watt mode
  • Two 12AX7 and two EL84 tubes
  • USB and classic line out
  • ISF control
  • 12-inch speaker




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