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The best guide to Selmer Saxophone Reviews 2021

What’s the best Selmer saxophone in the world. So you’re looking for a new saxophone maybe you’re dreaming of having a Selmer saxophone brand. Selmer is one of the big saxophone manufacturer’s brands. Although the Selmer name has produced successful models for as long as they have been producing saxophones. Here is a collection of popular Selmer saxophones you got to see.

Selmer saxophone

Selmer Saxophone series III Tenor:

The Selmer Saxophone series III is a beautiful Saxophone. The ergonomics of the buttons are amazing. You actually play faster because of the layout of the keys. Your fingers just fly on this instrument. They are placed on the saxophone in such a natural position. One note flows on your fingers to the next. The side D, E flat, and F keys are positioned so that you can just roll your fingers on them. The G sharp, B, C sharp, and B flat keys are easy to move the left pinky finger on. The sound that comes out of this saxophone is huge. This saxophone gives out a nice round and bright sound.


This Selmer series III model comes in five colors

  • polished brass, clear lacquered
  • polished brass, matte lacquered
  • Black lacquered
  • brushed, clear lacquered a.k.a. Matte
  • silver plate.


  • Redesigned octave neck key has a lighter mechanism and subtly thinner outlines
  • The S125 Anniversary mouthpiece has a square tone chamber and an arch-shaped bore for dynamic aesthetics and an optimized acoustic resonance
  • Gold-tone lacquer offers more warmth and presence
  • A new style of outline engraving highlights a thinner, more elegant, and elaborate design from the bell to the bow, with Henri Selmer’s signature on the connecting ring.
  • The bow-to-bow ring displays the original signature of Henri Selmer
  • 100% French manufactured.


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