unison drum monkey

The Best Unison Drum Monkey Review 2022

Unison Drum Monkey VST is a great tool for music producers! Unison Drum Monkey VST is an exceptional tool because it allows you to create the perfect drum sound for your music. It’s easy to use and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Today we will talk about Unison Drum Monkey plugin, which will actually want to assist you with building your project and making interesting drum patterns for your track.

So what essentially is a Drum Monkey plugin from Unison. A drum generator will actually want to make drum circles for around 30 genres! Indeed, 30 genres. We have currently beta-tried the plugin and we can say that it is truly fulfilling in light of the fact that you will actually want to kick off your motivation with only a couple of decisions and snaps. 

unison drum monkey
Unison drum monkey

Guide How to Use Drum Monkey

First, you should stack up the VST Instrument in a pristine channel and open it up. A magnetic and not that standard window can spring up where you will begin working with the plugin. First up, at the top point of interaction, you should find the class you will work with and select it.

Unison drum monkey

Obviously, with the recently set rhythm/BPM of the tune, the drums you will create will be in a state of harmony with the beat of the project, however, that is now good judgment while firing up another venture. In any case, you will have a choice to pick from around 30 definitely known genres which is something worth being thankful for that will release your dream.

When the drop-down menu opens and you look to the lower part of the genre list, you will see a “???” genre. You could ask what is that. Indeed, that is a mix of the relative multitude of genres above. At times this choice can create fascinating results, in some cases not, but you can experiment with different avenues regarding it to check to assume you will wind up with something honestly cool!

The following thing that you can do is to pick to create 4 bars or 8 bars circle. This can prove to be useful further on when you will deal with the game plan of the tune where you will require a variety through it.

Unison drum monkey
Unison drum monkey

Also, fundamentally, that is the very thing you should do to concoct the circle. After you have every one of the settings set, you simply have to press the large Red Button in the GUI with the Unison logo on it and the monkey will drop the drums into the sequencer. Indeed, that was simple, correct?

Indeed, that was piece of cake, however, there are more choices in this module. The designers finished the work well overall and they put into this module a lot more choices that will give you the opportunity to make something exceptional that not every person that possesses this instrument will have something very similar.

In this way, after suppose you thought of the drum you need to use, you will have two choices with two additional choices inside them. Assuming you see at the lower part of the connection point you have two fastens that say:

Drag and Drop MIDI and Drag and Drop Audio

When you click on one of them, in the event that assuming you need that on midi or with sound signs, you will have two additional choices presented inside. You will actually want to relocate the entire drum circle as a one-track or you can drop them independently by components in various tracks.

This is a generally excellent choice that you can go for assuming you need to top to bottom blend the components of the track or essentially import one circle underneath the first drums to occupy the unfilled spaces. After that the cycle is exceptionally basic, you simply simplified in the arranger of your DAW and you are all set.

You can likewise send out the drums on your PC in the event that you simply press the bolt symbol in the base right corner of the plugin, quite simple.

Unison drum monkey
Unison drum monkey

Produce Individual Lines and Drum Samples

The following thing that you can do is you can change the example request of the drum you produced and the example hits of the created signal. Wherever on the plugin where you will see a button with the Unison logo on it, that implies that you can produce a new thing around there. 

In the picture below, you will actually want to see two bolts – one blue and one red. The blue bolt shows you the produced drum tests that the monkey chose to go with when it made our drum circle. The orange button in the upper right corner of each and every drum test can give you one more kick or catch or cap for ex. that you can use for the finished product of your circle.

The equivalent goes for the game plan part that is set apart from the red bolt. Here is the organized circle for the genre and the length you chose to go before. In the event that you are not content with how the examples are organized in this circle, you can transform them exclusively.

For sample, in the event that you like the kick and the catch, but not the hi-hats, you can create another request. The yellow bolt shows the randomized buttons (again with the Unison logo painted in orange) that you can use for one solitary component of the drum.

Unison drum monkey
Unison drum monkey

Another method for adding or eliminating notes in the drum circle is by double-tapping in the piano roll area and you will actually want to change the drum circle as you would prefer. Truly cool and simple.

Handling the Samples

To additional interaction with the examples that the monkey created, you should push on the actual example to open up another window for it. For instance, assuming you found your ideal kick drum, however you need to moreover apply a few changes to it, simply click on the window of the example and new choices will show up.

In that new window of the plugin interface, you will actually want to open and pick from the entire bank library of kick drums and see it as a more reasonable one. After you chose the one you will go with, you will actually want to change the ADSR (assault, rot, support, and arrival) of the example and trim it to your necessities.

You will see a banana-formed symbol that says “Fatten” on it. That really is an immersion unit for this singular example that you can use to carry more sounds to it.

From that point forward, you will actually want to see three handles with various choices on them. You will change the volume of the example, and panning position of it and you will actually want to translate it up or down to suit your track key. 

Unison drum monkey
Unison drum monkey


  • Immediately create wonderful drum circles in 30 genres
  • Trillions of conceivable outcomes, everything is produced new each time (nothing pre-made)
  • Included 3000+ industrial facility test library made by professional makers and a Grammy-grant winning drummer
  • Can likewise produce drum circles using your own examples
  • Implicit piano roll, saturator, ADSR shaper, and full altering ability
  • Save your own presets from produced loops/tests
  • Trade-in both audio/MIDI, stems or consolidated, and either drag and drop into your DAW or commodity to your PC


  • Release date Sept 28th at 9 AM PST.

Conclusion on Unison Drum Monkey Review

Well, we accept that this VST instrument is definitely justified and will assist you with finding wonderful drum circles for your venture. Other than that, it accompanies a tremendous library of drum samples that you can use at no extra buys.

Each of the examples is excellent and up to the business principles, which is one motivator in addition to getting this module. We went over it momentarily and we trust that you will get it and play it a touch more. We just acquainted you with its fundamental capacities and take you on the right street to getting incredible drums.

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