Tim Henson demonstrates God Hand Tutorial

Polyphia’s Tim Henson shows stunning ‘God Hand’ 8-string slapping riff – and shows you how to play it.

The snare shred wonder shows you his most recent Tosin Abasi-roused pound lines

Tim Henson has unquestionably been keeping his YouTube channel occupied all through isolate, sharing new pieces, jams with Ichika Nito, and presently a marvelous new ‘God Hand’ riff – and an exercise on the best way to play it.

In the video, Tim Henson gets what seems to be an 8-string guitar model of his Ibanez signature electric guitar to tear through some powerful fingerpicking, with fast fire hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides, weighty slapping, and some clever sounds tossed in. To put it plainly, an exemplary Polyphia riff.

Tim Henson proceeds to separate each part of the riff dialed back and exhaustively. As he calls attention to, the pounding procedure is a stunt he gained from individual 21st-century guitar saint Tosin Abasi, and full tab and backing tracks are available from Henson’s website, w6rst.com.

Obviously, this isn’t the first run through Henson has wowed us with expanded reach instruments – he additionally utilized an eight-string to extraordinary impact alongside Scott LePage on Polyphia’s enormous Look But Don’t Touch. You can watch their Guitar World playthrough of the single underneath.


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