Top 10 Fitness Tracking Software

If you are the one who spends a lot of time in the gym, you must have fitness tracking software on your smartphone to track your body. This is the place for you to find the best fitness tracking software for your smartphone. People have become very self-conscious about how they look.

Of course, with changing lifestyles, this is very significant. Developers are constantly trying to make the most of a mobile platform and entice the end consumer to use the software for their own good. One of those developers’ ventures has been in fitness apps that have become very successful in the Android market. With millions of end-users downloading and developers vying for the top spot, here is the list of the best fitness apps on the Android market. 

Fitness Tracking Software

Here is our list of the best fitness tracking software for your devices. Keep your health in good condition and stay healthy by making use of this fitness tracking software.


Garmin devices are the most used by cyclists and its app, free on both Android and iOS (it also has a website), is essential if you want to connect your Garmin with your mobile to view and analyze your activities. The application is simple, intuitive, and contains many features focused on training and performance, also offering integration with other apps such as Strava, Wikiloc, or TrainingPeaks.

The social aspect is also included in the application to be able to follow other users, interact with them and see their training and routes. You can also join challenges or groups, create teams, win medals… and a long list of other possibilities. If you like to explore, you can also create routes, although this function is not exactly the best thing about the app.


ActivityTracker is an application to track daily physical activity without using an activity bracelet, without GPS, and without draining the battery of the mobile. Thanks to the motion processor available in new smartphones and watches, ActivityTracker records the steps we take each day. And, in addition, the distance traveled, the caloric consumption, the time walked and the flights of stairs climbed.

You can view your activity every hour in detail. And check on the application icon itself, at a glance, the steps taken. It has a clean and attractive interface and offers graphs with your daily, weekly, and monthly activities to see your evolution. That is why it is a useful tool to motivate you to achieve a better physical shape. It also allows you to import your health data from the Google Fit or Apple Health app. In this way, you can have a complete summary of your activity from the first day.


Runtastic is one of the most downloaded fitness tracking software. We start the list with one of the most comprehensive apps for any runner. Runtastic can accompany you in running, jogging, cycling, or walking and record the progress of your activities with its statistics of time, distance, elevation change, and calories, among other variables.

Its features make it one of the favorite running apps on Google Play, with more than 10 million downloads and a 4.5-star rating. However, its real potential lies in the paid features within the app, so free users might be limited. Runkeeper offers complete statistics.

Application for lovers of hiking, cycling, or running. Your phone’s GPS tracks routes traveled while the app tracks physical activity, calories burned, and workout progress.

My Tracks

My Tracks is an application that is complemented by Google services.

An application developed by Google. Combine Google maps to plot routes on the go for a run or bike ride, as well as to measure the speed, distance, and elevation of the location.

It’s a simple app compared to others on Google Play, and its design is outdated with Material Design lines, but My Tracks is a useful app considering exercise stats can be shipped to Google Drive as a document from Google Excel.


Pumatrac is a fitness tracking software that adds the weather as a factor to analyze during your exercise.

To close the trilogy of running applications designed by sports brands, Pumatrac bets on a modern design and extra information to differentiate itself from its competitors. The information tracks your sports activities like all the others, but also adds information about the weather and the music you listen to, and how they influence your exercise performance.

Its integration with GPS allows you to show the best routes to run according to your city or the place where you are, and at the end of each training session, Pumatrac will create the statistics of your marker, distance, physical condition, and the weather, to inform you precisely of all your activity. Pumatrac has integration with Pebble smartwatches.

Daily workouts

A great app for daily routines, from five to thirty minutes, that you can do from the comfort of your home. It has more than a hundred exercises tested by a certified personal trainer that cover the main muscles of your body, strengthening and toning them. In addition to a simple interface, it provides a complete video and time counter. This allows you to easily follow the routine and makes it easy for you to understand each exercise. And one more thing: it has the plus that the Internet is not required to do most of the exercises.

Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker is the favorite running app of more than 5 million people. It also has an excellent reputation on Google Play, with 4.5 stars. It offers in-app purchases, but its free features are more than enough, as it effectively measures distance, speed, and duration of exercises, as well as routes followed and calories expended.

The application allows you to take photos to share them within its user community, as well as exercise statistics. Sports Tracker also generates complete graphs on the speed achieved and its relationship with the altitude of the places, among other useful graphs for monitoring exercises.


Plan your training and record the data of every minute in this application. This app is specifically designed for fitness-savvy consumers. Jefit is not essential to be enrolled in a gym. The instructions in the app are enough to help you with your workouts. If you want to track every minute of your workout.

Daily Yoga

Among the applications to train at home, we can not only find fitness and bodybuilding exercises. So, if you are interested in other disciplines, you will like to take a look at this one. Daily yoga is the most famous yoga training app all over the world. It incorporates more than twenty yoga exercises, more than two hundred postures, and eighteen themes of soft background music. With them you can meet several objectives: reduce fat, lose weight, and model the body. And, of course, reach a state of calm and relaxation. Three levels of work intensity and different durations, depending on the time you have available. Become a real yogi with this app!

Wahoo Fitness

In addition to bike computers, multisport watches, and smart trainers, Wahoo has a completely free app, available for Android and iOS, that turns your smartphone into a GPS bike computer by pairing it with your Bluetooth sensors. To link the ANT+ sensors you will need an accessory called Wahoo Key that connects to the mobile.

In addition to having all its functions freely available, the best thing about this app is that it easily connects with other applications already mentioned such as Strava, Komoot, or TrainingPeaks, being able to add the data recorded in Wahoo Fitness in these apps. You can also download your activities in fit format to analyze them wherever you want.

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