Top 5 after effects plugins Software

Top 5 after effects plugins Software

Today in this article we are going to talk about the top 5 after effects plugins Software. Effects plugins in itself are great software in itself, but one thing comes to mind when you think about how you can improve your workflow, hinder your creativity, and learn new skills. This is great effects plugins are effective. From particle effects, character manipulation, color correction, glitch effects, lens effects, and much more … plugins will open up entirely new dimensions for video editors and motion designers. The great thing about plugins is that you don’t need to enter programming codes or buy other software to create visual effects.

In this article, I will give a brief overview of the 15 best of effects plugins and their features that any serious motion designer and video editor should know about and work with if they have a budget.

Pros of After Effects plug-ins

  • Allows for a new level of creativity
  • Should enhance and improve your workflow in After Effects
  • Create effects much faster than using only After Effects default effects
  • Allows you to work with 3d objects and elements directly in After Effects


Cons of After Effects plug-ins

  • Some plug-ins take up a lot of memory and slow down enough after using effects
  • Some plugins take a long time to render
  • Some plugins may crash after using Effects



Be aware that some plugins will greatly reduce your workflow. I recommend moving your plug-in effects plugins to composition and rendering it as a QuickTime .mov file with the alpha channel and then re-importing it to your master after composing effects.


1. RowByte – Plexus 3

RawByte’s Plex In plugin is one of those particle engines that is fast becoming a trend in the motion graphic industry. One of the features allows users to connect dots/triangles with lines and animate them in 3D space like the picture above. But the Plexus 3 can be much more powerful. It allows you to create, manipulate, and visualize data in a procedural manner. Simply put, this means that particles can be animated and related to each other. I strongly recommend watching the demo relay to understand.

RowByte – Plexus 3

Plexus 3 Features:

  • Create lines between the particles
  • Create directions between the particles
  • Import OBJ sequences
  • Create triangles and new surfaces
  • Render custom sprites based on particle information
  • Sound influencer



2. REDGIANT  – Trapcode Particular

The adjective red giant by trap code is probably one of the oldest after effects plugins that is very effective when motion designers need to transmit particles. It has been used extensively in the feature film industry. Over the years, RedGiant has expanded its game and improved the plug-in user interface with the help of the Particular effects plugins Builder panel. Creating particle animations for artists is now intuitive. They have also created beautiful particle presets that you can use as a base to start your project.


REDGIANT  – Trapcode Particular

Trapcode Particular features:

  • GPU has been accelerated
  • 3D camera and lights
  • Multiple particle systems
  • OBJ as emitter
  • New library of sprites and polygons
  • Reflection map
  • Ox system


3. REDGIANT – Trapcode Form

The Trapcode form of Redgeant is another particle plug-in similar to Plexus. It allows users to create animated 3D particle grids and particle objects after effects. It can load 3D models or animated 3D sequences, work with multiple particle systems in 3D space. Trapcode form gives you the power to dissolve text and logos into sand particles.

REDGIANT – Trapcode Form

Here are some of the Trapcode Form features :

  • Libraries of 60 OBJs
  • Import the OBJ file
  • New design panel UI
  • Includes more than 270 still and animated sprite images
  • Audio response
  • 3D camera and light
  • 130+ presets
  • Natural shades
  • GPU has been accelerated


4. RainBox – DUIK

Moving characters or animals only after-effects plugins can be very difficult and time-consuming. With the DUIK plug-in, no more! This plug-in is one of my favorites because it lets you transmit rip and bipeds, quarters, etc … and it has a user-friendly interface. Once your camouflage is set up, it is quick and smooth to activate.

RainBox – DUIK

Here is the list of its features:

  • Stretchy eye
  • Bones are the layers that replace the puppet pins
  • Autorig bipeds and any kind of quadrangle (unless they are vertebrates) and even birds and fish.
  • Dynamic automations
  • 3-level IK
  • Bezier IK


5. Particle Builder  Elemental Pack

Particle Builder works with the Trapcode Particular Plug-in. This protects you from worrying about the internal parts of the settings and allows you to get the desired particle look.

The supplied presets range from fire to magical particles and everything in between. Hopefully, you will find something that works for your project.

Particle Builder  Elemental Pack

Particle Builder Features

  • 16 Fire particles
  • 3 grains of sand
  • 9 smoke particles
  • 16 sparkle particles
  • 4 magic particles
  • Particle color, direction, size, quantity, z axis can be customized


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