Top Gym Management Software

In the market, you can find many types of top gym management software. Mainly, this software allows us to improve in two areas, improving productivity in center management and customer loyalty, facilitating communication.

On the one hand, we find the programs to manage gyms, which focus on the internal management of the business. This software includes functionalities that guarantee a good organization of the employees, and speed up the management of contracts and the collection system, among other functions.

List of 7 Top Gym Management Software

We have been researching all over the internet and we managed to analyze a series of programs that can be of great help to you, so we organized this review for you. The options were selected based on their functions. Next, our 7 of the Top gym management software.


When someone decides to go to your gym, it is because they want to improve their figure and become an attractive person. TraininGym is a program that will allow you to manage and control the activities of all the clients registered in your gym. You can create a profile for each participant, fill it with detailed information about their physical and bodily conditions, and then assign training plans, exercise routines, and some nutritious diets to complete it all.

In this sense, TraininGym works as an observation assistant, where the personal trainer will be in charge of observing and following the evolution of the participants. If additional classes, dance therapies, motivational talks, and any other type of extra activity are held in the gym, you can make the platform available for those interested to make reservations, but there are still many options that you should try to get the most out of your GYM.


Top Gym Management Software
Top Gym Management Software

Management program for gyms, fitness, and dance centers; one of the most popular gym software in Europe focused on increasing your number of members and profits thanks to its innovative digital services.

Magicline is an online platform that allows comprehensive control of the business from any mobile device and computer: manage partners, trainers, training sessions, contracts, and center administration.

Make your gym stand out from the competition and attract new clients thanks to its lead management tools, online contracts and payments, online training reservations, capacity control, sales management, integration with social networks, sending notifications, and its app for partners.

Thanks to its high adaptability, Magicline is perfect both for independent gyms and for franchises or international chains.


Ismygym is a complete gym software solution. The set of functionalities of the software allows you to personalize your online presence so that you can retain and increase customers.

This software offers an app for gyms that you can customize so that each user can manage sports activities, make reservations or track their activity. From the same application, the user can access the center through his QR code.

Regarding the management of the center, the program for gyms facilitates the management of collections from customers, making it possible to pay from PayPal and manage the bonuses and quotas.

One point to highlight about Ismygym is that, so that you can improve visibility and increase customers, the program offers the possibility of creating your own website, with a personalized domain.


Top Gym Management Software
Top Gym Management Software

But for the area of business and figures, someone has to do all the work, or something, maybe? PerfectGym is an incredible software with which you will be able to manage all the sectors of your gym. A prominent feature is the division of profiles and tasks for partners. This section works when the gym or sports center is separated by two owners. In this way, all the information can be managed in a prioritized way for both, depending on their actions.

Meanwhile, PerfectGym works with POS technology to receive and manage payments from your customers. You can have an individual account for each one and obtain information about their development, the installments that have been paid and that remain to be paid, as well as send them reminders to indicate that the date to pay is approaching. Although those are only the smallest parts of the program, so we invite you to discover a little more about what it offers you by downloading it.


Top Gym Management Software
Top Gym Management Software

Vituagym is a program for gyms that allows you to centralize the management of all types of sports centers or studios, such as independent gyms, chains, fitness studios, yoga, dance, etc.

Virtuagym integrates the administrative management of the center, the management of members, and that of classes and training. With automated billing, payment control, and contract renewals

So that you can retain and offer a better service to members, this software for gyms allows you to add a series of exercises or sessions in a video-on-demand format. In this way, you can create personalized training and nutrition plans for your clients.

Offer your members your own gym app to create a virtual community with sports challenges, advise them on their training or nutrition plans and maintain direct communication with them.


If you want to improve the access control to the center, Olympicsoftware is the solution you need. Olympicsoftware helps you to regulate the access of your clients since, in addition to the software, this program for gyms includes devices so that you can regulate the access to the gym.

A strong point of this program is that it allows you to control access to the center. In this way, you can define the time slots based on the customer’s quota, allowing access through their fingerprint or card. The program is connected to the devices, so you can manage your customers’ subscriptions and fees.

This software is designed so that you can maximize the profitability of the business. For this reason, it has the facilities of a gym management program, facilitating the issuance of collections through bank remittances and streamlining the center’s accounting.


The coaches or instructors of your gym are also going to need a tool that helps them organize and manage their work correctly, just like Train2go. The advantage of this program is that it works better individually since it has a catalog of exercises and training plans to adapt them to each of the cases that arise. The application is very effective for personal trainers, coaching classes, and other types of sports instructors.

Train2go will even allow you to receive notifications and reminders about the times when you should start your next class. It is also ideal for organizing work groups and dividing them into sections, depending on your needs and those of the team. You can do everything easily and with a few steps, but the highlight is that you won’t have to install it on any computer, since it is an online program and hundreds of tools waiting for you.

What a gym management program brings you

Gym management software is an easy and accessible tool that provides system optimization along with significant time savings, and money savings by employing less staff, fluid communication with customers, and improving their relationship with them…

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