Vox AC30 C2

Vox AC30 C2 Tube Amp Review

Vox AC30 C2

Vox AC30 C2


The Vox AC30 C2 electric guitar tube enhancer offers 30-watts of force. There are two 12-inch Celestion G12M Greenback speakers inside the enhancer, and it has in-assembled reverb and tremolo impacts.



Each electric guitarist knows the Vox AC30 C2 enhancer. For just about 60 years it has been colossally mainstream with the most well-known guitarists in rock-n-roll history, starting – obviously – with Hank Marvin, the man answerable for the Vox AC30 C2 being imagined in any case. Maybe the guitarist most firmly identified with the Vox AC30 is The Edge.

He has utilized exactly the same Vox AC30 C2 on each and every recording that U2 made during their long and renowned lifetime. So would could it be that guitarists love such a great amount about this cylinder enhancer? Two things make it so famous.

The first is basically the tone it offers; the second is the adaptability as far as that tone. You can get anything from clanking, reverb notes to bending substantial overdrive when playing the Vox AC30 C2.

The Vox AC30 C2 is essential for the Vox AC30 custom series, first put onto the market in 2010. It highlights two Greenback speakers made by Celestion. It’s these speakers that are so huge with regards to enhancing the vintage tone that the Vox AC30 C2 gives.

Vox AC30 C2

The Greenback speakers were spearheaded by Celestion, thinking back to the 70s, and on the off chance that it hadn’t been for them, we wouldn’t have the powerful guitar intensifies as we probably are aware of them now. These speakers sound phenomenal, and they are a steady segment of the Vox AC30 C2. In any case, the delectable, popular tone that you get from the Vox AC30 C2 isn’t down to the speakers. Three 12AX7 preamp cylinders and four EL84 power tubes are the reasons why this is such a monster of an intensifier.

The AC30 C2 highlights two unique channels, where you have a decision between the Normal channel and the Top Boost channel. Each has its own controls. There are additionally two distinctive in-fabricated impacts. Both the Tremolo and Reverb impacts can be turned on effectively with a foot pedal. For the Tremelo impact, there are handles on the speaker for Speed and Depth. Furthermore, for the Reverb impact, you can handle Tone and Level.

At 30-watts, you get a tremendous measure of force from this speaker, mostly on the grounds that it is a cylinder amp. The yield jack implies you can plug it into a bigger speaker arrangement. This will turn off the two Greenback speakers inside the Vox AC30 C2, implying that you’ll in any case get a similar flawless tone from the preamp and force tubes, exactly at a stronger volume.

In general, this is a remarkable intensifier that has gone the distance. It’s perhaps the most popular cylinder amps on the planet for one explanation: tone – and the scope of tone you can escape the Vox AC30 C2 – is the principal reason this speaker is so very much respected.

Vox AC30 C2


+ The three 12AX7 preamp tubes and the four EL84 power tubes produce the uncommon tone this amp is renowned for. The scope of tones accessible to you is shocking. It will speak to devotees of the British Invasion sound, similarly however much it will to Indie fans or older style rock-n-rollers.

+ The on-board Tremelo and Reverb impacts are not difficult-to-control and sound incredible as well. On the off chance that you have a footswitch, you can rapidly turn them on and off during an exhibition.

+ Foot pedals can be effortlessly joined into the intensifier arrangement as it has a genuine detour impacts circle.

+ The two Greenback speakers help to improve the sound. Yet, assuming you need more volume, then, at that point you can connect greater speakers, and the Greenback speakers will turn off.


– This isn’t the least expensive guitar speaker available, yet it’s perhaps the best enhancer around. This amp is the decision of genuine guitarists who need a flexible tone and a speaker to endure forever. All things considered, The Edge has been utilizing his Vox AC30 for just about forty years now.

Why We Like It

Vox AC30 C2

There’s a ton to like about the Vox AC30 C2, yet the tone is its most prominent component. Cylinder amps offer you the kind of strong you can’t get from a strong state or demonstrating enhancer. Cylinder amps cost more cash than different sorts of guitar enhancers.

You unquestionably get what you pay for. Furthermore, with regards to the Vox AC30 C2, the sticker price is unquestionably supported. You pay a great deal, however you get outstanding amongst other guitar intensifiers ever.


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