Voloko is an excellent audio editor with a dark interface and minimal features.

Tune Me is a simple and fast audio editor that doesn't require anything extra.

Voice Recorder with Auto Dialer is a more advanced audio editor that supports importing multiple tracks at once But it is in single track mode.

Rap Fame In this app, you can import and export files, select a sound source and audio interface, add markers to the track, change the pitch and speed of the track.

Super Voice Editor You can set markers, perform FFT analysis, include a spectrogram view to identify track amplitude and frequency issues, and rotate external VST plugins for processing.

The WaveEditor program is popular with podcasters due to its simplicity and ability to record up to 16 tracks at once.

VoiceFX is one of the best applications for professional sound correction, restoration and precise editing.

BandLab is the multifunctional app that contains everything you need to know about podcasts, audiobooks and advertising

The rap maker is a definitive tool for creating lasting mixes.

Rapchat is an app from a famous developer.