Commonly known among metalheads as "the band that Lemmy was in before he founded Motörhead", Hawkin's earned this title for more than just having multiple music legends.

Marlion's influence on the world of rock goes beyond his entire musical contribution and is that the Brits were one of the very few bands to see an opportunity on the internet.

It all started as a joke, with the sound constantly oscillating between Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and Tool's early work.

Imagine the talent of the silent killer Gentle Giant while playing a roster full of musicians who are authentically talented.

In the late 60s, a new British band burst onto the music scene, Genesis

The most psychedelic rock was born in 1965 by London's Pink Floyd, the fathers of much progressive rock.

Now it's time to talk about one of the most famous bands of the 70s, although it is no more or less imaginative than any of its congeners: Jethro Tull.

Yes were among the first to claim much of the musical qualities that other genres boasted and that rock of the time lacked.

If King Crimson, Londoners have become so influential, it is precisely because of the constant changes that their sound has experienced over the years.

The first thing that strikes a crowd about Rush is that three musicians are able to recreate so many sounds