Beyoncé and Adele are nominated for the 2023 Grammy Awards

Beyoncé tied with husband Jay-Z for the Grammys' top nomination.

The 2023 Grammys are set to mirror 2017 for Beyoncé.

The 2023 edition is expected to be packed with Beyoncé and Adele.

In 2023, Jey-G received a career-high 83 Grammy nominations across all seasons

Beyoncé has the most 79 nominations from the Grammys for the 2023 season.

Adele's rival in the Record of the Year category is Beyoncé.

Beyoncé's rival in the Song of the Year category is Adele.

Beyoncé's rival in the Album of the Year category is Adele.

In 2023, Beyonce received 9 nominations and Adele received 7 nominations.