Candace Cameron Burr's daughter Natasha has her traditional wedding.

Candace Cameron Burr's 24-year-old daughter stood behind the Full House star when Candace appeared on Great American Family Network.

And there he serves as chief creative officer, “putting traditional marriages on the roots,” the Wall Street Journal reported Nov. 14.

Natasha wrote in an Instagram post on November 15 that, “I applaud you every time for how you handle yourself with the utmost grace.

They're constantly twisting the narrative to hit on the kingdom, you stay strong in the faith.

Natasha also added that the words are often twisted – something she feels is so incredibly sad to see.

I'm lucky to see you through a lens closer than most and see how you're the real deal, Natasha said.

Several celebrities called out Candace's controversial appearance after suggesting that the Great American Family network has no plans to feature same-sex couples.

Natasha added that words are often twisted, something she feels is so incredibly sad to see.

No matter how out of context or distorted the words, the enemy will not win because, he wrote. Discard the culture of believing every tactical word headline broadcast by the media is nothing but ugly.