Disney's 'Avatar: The Way of Water' released in China

Disney's "Avatar: The Method of Water" will be released in China on December 16

"Avatar: The Method of Water" has had a sought after discharge in China, a promising sign for a film that needs enormous film industry deals to balance its gigantic financial plan.

The hotly anticipated continuation of 2009's "Avatar" is one of only a handful of exceptional Hollywood movies to get close enough to the Chinese market lately.

Government authorities in the locale, who had proactively started fixing limitations on Western movies before the pandemic.

He was severe about what movies could be displayed to diversion hungry crowds.

The news was first revealed by The Money Road Diary and posted on twentieth Century Studios' true Weibo account.

Director James Cameron hasn't placed a sticker price on "The Method of Water," however gauges put it at more than $250 million.

The essayist and chief told GQ magazine that the continuation's financial plan was high to the point that the film would need to be the third-or fourth-most elevated netting film ever.

That implies the film needs to break the $2 billion imprint around the world.