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61-year-old also revealed she broke her ribs in the gruesome television challenge filmed in Jorda

Fatima said: “I totally agree with Sharon. Hormones certainly play a role

Fatima won silver and bronze medals at the 1980 Olympics and was world champion in 1987

When asked if she would compete against a transgender athlete, Fatima said she would be up for the challenge

He added: “I know Sharon very well, she will be the first to say that there is nothing wrong with (transgender women) competing

During the filming of the SAS series, Fatima jumped from a helicopter into the sea and broke three ribs, but kept quiet so that she could leave the show

Fatima isn't the only celebrity to be beaten up and hurt by Who Dare Wins

Theformer Brookside star called the show "inhumane" but credited it with helping her lose five-stone