Actress Kimberly Herrin has died

Herrin became a model who covered more than a dozen magazines, including twice for Playboy, before starring in the 1984 music video for ZZ Top's “Legs”.

And the clip was the third in an over-the-top trilogy that included “Gimme All You're Lovin'” and Sharp Dressed Man.

Herrin made the Texas boogie trio a regular on the cable channel at the time.

She was the lady in the bright-red top on “Legs”, which became the band's biggest hit, reaching the top 10 in the US and several other countries.

She also played a pair of roles in the popular 1984 films.

She also appeared in ZZ Top's 1985 video for (“Sleeping Bag”).

Herrin : along with several nieces, nephews, nieces and nephews. In the American Cancer Society's family to advance research into breast cancer prevention and treatment.

Herrin played small roles on the big screen in Road House (1987) and Moving Violation (1985) and guest starred on Matt Houston and TV dramas.

Kimberly Herrin was cast as the character in the scene who appeared on top of a sleeping Ackroyd's bed and appeared to do little more than float.