Ice Cube confirmed that he lost $9 million to the duo for not getting the Covid-19 vaccine

Ice Cube confirmed he lost his chance to earn $9 million because he won't get a COVID-19 vaccine.

On this week's new episode of the Million Dollar Worth of Game podcast, Ice Cube revealed

his refusal to take vaccinations caused him to turn down an acting gig.

I turned down a film because I didn't want to get a mothering jab," he shared

Adding, "I turned down $9 million since I would have rather not gotten poked."

F- that job and F- you all for trying to get me to it. I don't have any idea how Hollywood feels about me at this moment.

He then clarified, “I didn't turn down [the $9 million]. The mothers won't give it to me because I won't get the shot.

In October, it was reported that Ice Cube had left Sony's upcoming comedy Oh Hell No, in which he would have co-starred with Jack Black.

After rejecting producers' requests to vaccinate.