INXS fans mount crusade for Rock Lobby enlistment

Despite their ability to fill stadiums far from home, INXS is one of many bands awaiting a Rock Hall nod.

A dedicated group of fans is trying to change that.

A petition, titled simply "Induct INXS into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame," is on its way to reaching its goal of 15,000 signatures.

At the time of writing, more than 11,000 fans have joined the petition, which proclaims: “Many years of amazing music and momentum.

Live" performance, it's time to confirm the legacy of one of the greatest bands in the world - INXS!

The promotion was founded by "Team Induct INXS", consisting of Dina Graham, Shannon Steele and Jim Skivalidas

All three of us are big music fans and have touched our lives and inspired us over the years

Such bands have a deep appreciation," the trio wrote in a message to Billboard

INXS tops all three of our lists - we grew up with them, saw them 'live', bought all their albums, and think of INXS as family