Jay Leno has left the medical clinic in the wake of being treated for severe burns.

Leno, 72, experienced second-and severely charred areas to his hands and face in the fire this month.

As indicated by the Grossman Consume Center, part of West Slopes Medical clinic, where he is being dealt with.

"Joy needs to tell everybody how thankful he is for the consideration he's gotten, and he's extremely appreciative for every one of the kind words."

The medical clinic didn't quickly answer The Washington Post's for the time being demand for input.

"He is anticipating enjoying Thanksgiving with his loved ones and wishes everybody a brilliant occasion," the clinic said.

"He is anticipating enjoying Thanksgiving with his family and His doctor and consume focus clinical chief Peter H. Grossman added that he was "satisfied with Jay's headway" and "confident that he will make a full recuperation."

He was conceded Nov. 12 after a fire broke out in the Burbank carport where Leno, known for his energy for exemplary and different vehicles, put away his huge armada of vehicles.

He went through a medical procedure for serious consumes however was feeling great, kidding, during his emergency clinic stay.

A photo released by the hospital showed severe burns on his neck, jaw and right arm, as he was flanked by staff.